Missing link: Racial profiling to ethnic minority opinion

According to this game’s modeling ethnic minorities have no opinion on the topic of racial profiling by police.


Yeah, this needs to be balanced. Good job noticing this.

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Yeah this is a legit point but not getting a spotlight since it’s already kinda weak policy.

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Well, maybe the balance can make it a bit more important.

I think there’s no link to ethnic minorities, because it increases racial tension, which upsets minorities. So it’s an indirect link.

thanks for the awesome information.

It’s a good way to reduce Liberalism (by increasing racial tension) without spending money or too much political capital. Try to get Liberalism to zero, and you’ll see what I mean.

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A fair point to bring up. This game declares too many liberals as existing through most countries, and it is too easy to liberalize populations. Resistance from social conservatives should actually offer effective resistance to a player who is playing liberal.

That happens in SK and to a little extent in Japan, elsewhere, Liberalism has been long established in western countries.