Missing option

Where is the move the hell out of this crack infested neighborhood option in kudos? My lord, everytime I start a game I get mugged and robbed about once a month, it is insane. I can’t buy anything because it is always stolen within a few weeks and it is a waste of money. I think I bought 3 console systems in the same year on the last game. I just stopped playing, it was too annoying.

The game only has one town, you can’t move to another one. To stop getting mugged you need to take a certain amount of either Kung Fu or Kickboxing classes to learn how to defend yourself and to stop being burgled you need to bug a Burglar Alarm(it’s a bit over 500 bucks). Once you’ve done both these things you’ll be able to avoid such problems. I usually start my games off by taking a Kickboxing class very soon after, trying every weekend to get the best paying waiting job I can(it’s easier if you’re already dating someone because your happiness levels will normally be higher than if you’re single) and once I have I save up the money to get a Burglar Alarm. However I also usually get a cat and their accessories and food about a week into the game to reduce my stress levels(because they can affect whether you get a job or not) but actually if you get a dog then you can usually bypass buying a Burglar Alarm because they’ll generally scare burglars off.

man this game isn’t even close to being a “simulation”.

First off, I can’t get an alarm cause I get robbed so often that I never have the money. Further, any computer career path means you are always unhappy… eternally. I have always worked with computers and I am no where near that unhappy. And more happy in a relationship? wow… cliff must really be a woman or something. I am rarely MORE happy in a relationship.

I can basically sum it up by saying I am not a fan. I thought it seemed interesting at first, but the charm is gone.


You can buy a dog at the store for about… Uhm… $20? Correct me if I’m wrong. And food for a week (?) is $6. Dogs scare off all burgulars.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve only had the game for about 4 days, so take this with a grain of salt.

The game is very close to being a simulation, because a simulation is, by definition, not real. There are of course going to be issues where you have to build in inconsistencies in order to give the game both challenge and balance. In real life, I could simply be born into money and never work a day of my life, but how stupid would it be to have one in every 100 games just start you off with infinite money?

Also, in my 4 days of playing, and despite the horrific tutorial (sorry, but newb-friendliness just ain’t there), I did manage to discover how to deal with muggers and burglars.

I’m not saying this game is for you (it seems clear that it isn’t), but computer game design is clearly something you don’t fully understand.