Missing retreat ships: BUG UPDATE

I have finally realised that this happens only when you view the statistics after a retreat, thanks to a useful email :smiley:
So I am now able to replicate this, and thus inevitably can fix it… I’ll update this thread when it’s fixed. In the meantime, don’t view stats after a retreat :smiley:
It just missed version 1.51. balls…

Fixed it… it will be in patch 1.52. Hurrah!

Good thing I use very cheap scout ships. Annoying all the same.

ok bugs… well for some reason my retreat on campaign mode is really hard to hit it seems to be a very small area to the bottom left of the bar and some times does this on reg mode with the admit defeat as well

I did have one other note on fig AI

i have noticed that figs will go to the closest fig carrier mod rearguards of if it has 0 or 100 figs already being fixed in it this seems to be a problem even on a ship with multi bays as one bay well tend to collect much more figs then the other depending on the direction travelled by the figs.

so i have noticed that when a carrier mod is depleted the fig swarm will move on to the next mod i wonder if a hard limit can be set as to how many figs a mod can hold at one time and if this would cause the next fig to select a new mod to dock at. but also would need some sort of coding to circle until a empty slot is made if there are no open bays at all

one last thing of note having played with a few mods now with shielded figs i have noticed that figs with depleted shields and damage return to the carrier mod for repairs and are leaving all fixed up but no shields… im sure it was just a over site due to the fact the reg un modded game doesnt have shielded figs