Missing Scenarios?

I just purchased Democracy 2 from GamersGate yesterday since it’s on a weekend 50% off sale (I would have paid $19.99, they didn’t need to drop it all the way down to 11.50, but my win I guess).

Anyway, this morning was my first opportunity to load it up and get beyond the tutorial section, and I went to start a new game and on page 2 of the scenarios is what would appear to be a bunch of missing scenarios. There are the word “Select” for scenarios that have no real titles but sound interesting with the brief descriptions. I know that I added the China scenario that I downloaded off of this forums mod section and added in “The State Union” which I don’t think installed correctly because of my “my documents” folder is not located in the typical place on my Windows Vista, instead of being on the C drive it’s over at F:\Docs and when I inputed the path to my "my documents’ folder it told me no country files could be found. Anyway…

Im just wondering if you look at the screenshot, you can see what appears to be about 3 or 4 missing scenarios, is this normal, am I really missing something here, or was this a botched install of “the state union” scenario installation attempt?


Let me also mention that when I click on the “Online” function and then the message forums, it minimizes Dem2, opens up my browser to the forums and then Im informed by Windows Vista that Democracy 2 has stopped responding and the options of closing the program or looking for solutions and closing the program. Does this reliably every time.


I’m not sure how I missed this the first time looking at it, but apparently it’s not missing anything, it’s just adding in the content from page 1 of the scenarios to page 2 of the scenarios when there isnt anything to go in that row. So the three or 4 itmes listed that can’t be selected are actually the same scenarios that are listed on page one column 2 of the scenarios listing and it’s showing it off on page two column two of the scenarios listing again.

Probably would be good to fix it if possible so that others don’t think it’s a slipshod piece of work.

Interesting Game you have here Mr Cliffski, Interesting game. The more that I play, the more I understand it, the more interesting it gets.

Yes, I have a fix for this, but it hasn’t been released as a proper patch yet. So there is no missing data, it’s just a graphics screwup of mine!

All the descriptions from the first page remain in place when you turn over to the next page, so you’re seeing the wrong descriptions for the State Union countries as well - you’re seeing the descriptions corresponding to the nations on the first page rather than the ones corresponding to the State Union nations.

Regarding your comment on the State Union mod and it saying no country files could be found, are you talking about the State Union Editor? This is not an installer program - I presume that you ran the autoinstaller first. I’ve taken a look and it seems to be working OK with custom locations. I presume that you went into “configure” and typed in or browsed to the custom location. Can you tell me exactly what path is in the “location of my documents folder” box? If you’re not talking about the State Union Editor, could you please clarify where you received the error message that no country files were found?