Missing Texture Errors on Mac Version


I have come across some missing texture errors that occur during the game. These errors essentially end the game, as I have been unable to acknowledge the errors and continue. Typically, these show up after the end of a turn, and appear when viewing the items appearing in the quarterly reports.

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Actually, the errors read “failed to locate texture.” And it seems that acknowledging particular messages triggers the “failed to locate texture” error. I have taken to just ignoring the message… That seemed to let me continue playing.

So far the “debt ceiling reached” message triggered the “failed to locate texture” error.


I’ll look into this. thanks for reporting it.

You’re welcome.



We’re having some trouble reproducing the problem. When the dialog pops up saying a texture is missing, it’s supposed to tell you the name of the missing pic. Could you drop us an email (support … at … redmarblegames … dot … com) and let us know?


In this case, I haven’t seen any filename that was reported as missing. I believe the graphic corresponding to “debt ceiling reached” should be the one that isn’t coming up. Should I try to redownload the package?

In any case, the file I downloaded was named Democracy2.dmg and its MD5 checksum is f69660a458534b652dcd0b80e89312f9, if this helps at all.

Otherwise, I will try to get the error to occur again, and double check to see if it complains about a missing file if/when the missing texture happens again.