Mission 12 coming soon

The next patch for GTB will include a brand new campaign mission…

now if only i could get past mission 3


The next patch makes that mission easier, but have you tried it on attack? It’s easier as the attacker :smiley:

I beat it as defender just a few minutes ago, but I had to slow the timer down to .02 for the majority of the fight once things got heavy because my puny human mind couldn’t comprehend what was going on at a glance.

The only time I ever won as attacking was on level 2, and it really confused me because I had just run out of supplies and the timer was up with me getting a whopping zero VP. Then I noticed the round wasn’t ending and I had barely enough supplies for an infantry squad and that the supply trucks were no longer redded out. So I placed them and the AI uprooted their turrets and didn’t even bother replanting any. Not sure if that was a bug or what.

Mission 3 was quite difficult indeed, but I was able to beat it on Captain’s (Easy) difficulty after unlocking some weapons.

Now I can do it on Normal/Hard. Unlocking the Repair/Command/Hospital made a whole world of difference.

Mission 3 was easy but then again, I played 1 and 2 several times over so I had a good selection of toys by then.

Repair Truck == Instant WIN!!!

The problem is not having repair truck during mission 3 (unless you grind/extremely lucky).

Personally I find the most effective attacking method is to focus all the offensive on the top lane.

I really haven’t found that. I’ve found that some of the augmentations, such as rate of fire or damage augmentations, are extremely worth having, especially anything you can combine with a command truck (rapid firing pulse lasers make for extremely nice concentrations of fire, especially from four identical mechs) :smiley:
But I haven’t really relied on repair trucks, as I tend to win by sheer weight of infantry + recon mechs getting over the ‘finish-line’ before the enemy can cope :smiley:

Well repair truck/heavy tank moving at around 4.8 speed gets like over 3x VP on all stages on Colonel, so I did say that’s pretty close to instant win.

Not that you can’t win some other way, just that you can easily beat any in game missions with repair truck/heavy tank. I also find normal damage isn’t too important on the attack side, since the defense side will almost always have the supply to replace all good turret slots. You are never going to drive the defense side out of turrets, so to say. Killing all the infantry however is still fairly possible, and effectively knock out a huge chunk of DPS.

As a prove of concept, I just try running nothing but machine gun tanks and repair, equipped with HP boost and speed boost, and as expected it did even better than me trying to kill the turrets.