Mission Difficulties: Battle Above Edyai IX


100% win rate spamming atlantis bombers with 1 rocket launcher, 1 pulse laser, 1 ablative armor(not advanced), 1 Generator III, and 1 Engine III, on Normal, Hard, and Expert.


I used frigates/fighter spam to beat this one. One of the crucial parts of this mission is where you place your frigates. I placed a single frigate in the top-left and bottom-left corners with attack fighters/frigates at a range of 2000 (they just sit there). I then put a main grouping of frigates and fighters right in the middle with orders to charge right in (co-operative attack). My fighters have the order to attack fighters 100% priority, attack frigates 1% priority/minimum distance, and stick together (closest). Once they pick off the enemy fighters they go for the frigates picking them off from under the shields.

Even if the cpu destroys all my attacking frigates I buy myself time by making him fly to my edge’s corners of the screen, splitting his fleet in the process. If it does destroy my attacking frigates, my parked frigates will be so far away that it usually ignores them and goes after my fighters (and gets pecked to death by them).


Hmm, it seems few people use The Order.

I used Frigates loaded w/ anti-fighter missile bays, and fast fighters loaded with twin rocket launchers, and that demolished everything.



Top left - one Frigate for anti-fighter role - only order is keep 2000m away from any other frigate.
3 Squads of 4 decoy fighters (one engine one rocket) placed on the right edge equally distant from each other. Only order is keep 2000m from any other fighter.
4 Squads of 16 of anti-frigate fighters (2 rockets 1 engine) only order is to take enemy frigates at 750 yards. (I find I get better performance this way)
Place the 4 top left beside your frigate and make sure they are behind the decoys.

With Rebels it works on easy-med-hard and gets 17000+ honour.

I think it is one of the easiest maps to battles.
But really all the battles are for is to train for player challenges.



For Expert Mode.

Frigate spam with swarm, only need about 1/2 of the credits to beat it. Put 1 set of rocket fighter to help lure away the fighter attacks from the other side.

Alternative you can beat it simply by using 4x dual rocket fighters + 1x painter fighters with rebel, with start deployment on the lower right corner.


I’ve been able to obtain 19912 on novice and 19912 on expert settings with 2 Rebel Laser fighter squadrons and 2 rocket fighter squadrons; no armor. On hard, though, I can’t remember if I used Federation frigates to obtain 19720.

Edit: And, now I just obtained 19935 on novice and expert with 2 squadrons of Swarm Laser fighters and 3 squadrons of rocket fighters.

2nd edit: 20892 on both novice and expert using 2 squadrons each of Swarm Laser and rocket fighters.

3rd edit: And I finally figured out what I used to defeat hard…5 squadrons of Federation rocket fighters for 19720.