Missions : Defend/Reach starbase

The “escort mission” gave me that idea of a variant.
Ok, I know, a starbase would require to create a new type of ship, and that a good bit of extra work. Well, lets imagine that it would be for a DLC, or a version 2… Or just for the pleasure of making us dream.

The escort mission suggestion a present time is mainly to reach the other side of the screen. Here the idea could be to reach a space station. Depending on the game the space station could simply be an indestructible ship in space that doesn`t belong to any player. Or more interresting, a new ship placed out of the player initial line (maybe that the player can’t place), but that he can costumize. (with special weapons)

Of course, making it really cool would require to implement some previous suggestions, the most important one being Carrier ships (yeah the Starbase can launch fighters !)
But I could very well fit here :

  • Boarding (the base is actually a pirate base, and the convoy is actually trying to escape it - Or allowing to tow to space station for a quick fix of the ships captured. Maybe not to make them fully functionnalt but reactivate some weapons)
  • Recon (to know which are the most dangerous ships, or the most juicy targets)
  • Waypoints / more deployment position choice. For example allow to one player to have all his ships in the center, and the other all at the border of the map. Or one group in the center, on on the edge (for a convoy trying to reach the base), and the other player can place his ships anywhere he wants on the edge.

Well. That’s pretty a lot of work. But I can see some huge battle to save a space station, or a little ships trying to reach home, whil being swarmed by tons of pirates.