Mistyping Errors


I have compiled a small list of mistyping errors. I will continue to add stuff here as I discover them.

Cabinet Report

  • Title: Cabinet Report: --> Cabinet Report
  • Need to add a white space after the period that separates the two sentences (loyalty and effectiveness)

Dilemma - Children’s Food

  • A law has been proposed to regulate the fat,salt and sugar content --> […] fat, salt and […]
  • I think it would be nice to have the choice’s title in capitalized case (e.g. “Leave Law Unchanged” instead of “Leave law unchanged”) or only the first letter of the first word be capital.

Tonights News Headlines! - Junk Food Tax

  • […] Its a competitive business --> It’s a competitive business
  • […] are devastating.They’ve lost --> are devastating. They’ve lost

Tonights News Headlines! - Car Emission Limits

  • salesman Gabriel, Explains --> salesman Gabriel. explains

Dilemma - Whistleblower

  • immediate attention --> immediate attention.

Dilemma - Streamer offers birthday song

  • immediate attention --> immediate attention.
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