Mixed fleets or 3/4 way battles

Not sure how easily any of this could be implemented or if this has been suggested previous and will probably get some gip for suggesting but oh well.

It would be cool to be able to issue new challenges that allow mixed fleets, make it a maximum of 2 races so having a mixed Empire and Tribe fleet for example.

My other suggestion is having the ability to have truly chaotic 3 way battles or 4 way battles. Not sure how it would work with challenges, possibly make it a new mode possibly skirmish something like that. Pick your fleet (honour, pilots etc.) map and then number of foes and the computer generates the enemy fleet(s) based on the parameters set.

Anyway just wondering what people think.

Thanks for reading.

Yes to both ideas. My immediate thoughts were of seasons three and four of Babylon 5…Human, Mimbari, Vorlon and Narn ships all fighting the Shadows and Centauri, if I remember right. Epic stuff and most definitely Gratuitous.

It could be a way to have cooperative challenges (each player as a race on the same side…)
I discussed bit that option at the end of the first post. So yeah ! I am for it !

it was very very gratuitous

add in timer jumps, and fighter flocking and it could get very messy indeed

Isn’t that what GSB is all about? Beam spamming, missle and fighter trails and big fat explosion pr0n?

Have to admit the idea of seeing mass fighter dogfights with the cruisers and support frigates beaming away sounds really friggin’ sweet :slight_smile:

aha, that’s what my “realspace 3 final battle” youtube video is exactly when the screen scrolls to it. it really made my game lag though, so i mostly just kept it out of sight.

here’s the link if you care to look:


Had a butchers and yeah it was pretty epic scale wise. Not familiar with “realspace 3” but the ships looked good and the domino explosions when a cruiser goes up near allied craft is a feature I’m glad isn’t in GSB, my ships would all be dead when the first cruiser goes up lol. Good vid thx for the link.

actually, it’s a mod for GSB that brings ships from Realspace 3 into the game. It was GSB, only heavily modded. You see, each ship had 9999 power output :slight_smile:

Yes for :

mixing the races in your fleet or

2 on 1, 2on2 or other challenges

but i would very love see the option when fixed parts of the fleets will appear on the battlefield on specific time for example after 2 mins of batttle