'Mo Questions

  1. How to use the hull editor? I’ve tried “[insert shortcut here]”-editor, “[insert shortcut here]-editor”, and I got nothing. I’m using V1.56.

  2. What is the .pkg file for. I know it’s necessary for races but what does it do? And how can I view it?


And 3. Is it possible to make a laser that arcs [i]between[i] fighters, damaging multiple at a time? Like a lightning gun that acts like a lightning gun?



First off, I suggest that you upgrade GSB If you need a reason - Flak Cannon

To activate the editor, find your shortcut for GSB and change your target from:
For Example:
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe”
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe” -editor

(Note the Inverted Commas.)

Start in stays the same:
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles”

you can open it using a text file.
From what I remember it is used for online challenges. AcePalarum gives a better explanation :slight_smile:

Ah, the chain lightning gun. One of the (many) requests that we asked Cliff to code.

However there is the Flak Cannon. It can damage multiple ships with one explosive bullet :slight_smile:

The .pkg file adds your mod to the checkboxes you can select/deselect when posting a challenge to let the system know what expansion/mod content is included. Observe:

As you can see, I have the FedElite, Nomads,Order, Outcasts, Parasites, Swarm and Tribe expansions (official Positech content) as well as my own Antares Expanse, The Enemy, Matmos Rift and Great Powers Stations mods and darkstar’s phenomenal Uni-T Mod.

Theoretically, this prevents players from downloading a challenge with content they don’t have and crashing the game. (In practice, lots of players neglect to uncheck the various boxes, resulting in a challenge labeled with extra content it doesn’t have. But that’s neither here nor there.)

Hope that helps!

Thanks. Unfortunately, this kills my ULTIMATE-APOCALYPSE-STORM RAY that would kill most of the enemy team in a single shot. Ah well.

Thanks for the help with the pkg file Ace.

I sorta can’t upgrade because, well, see “'Mo Questions”.

Oh, I wouldn’t give up that quickly. There are plenty of ways to make an ultimate apocalyptic death dealing device. There are plenty of mods that have em.
You just need to know which rules you have to abide, which ones can bent and what ones can be broken :slight_smile:

Fair enough. I was reading around and I found a suggestion (By you, as a matter of fact) that you could create an AOE Nuke using the flak parameter. Maybe I’ll try that.

Yeah be careful with that suggestion. I forgot to set a “safe” minimum range . . . . yeah, not my smartest weapon.

Safe minimum range? Does it detonate early or something XD

Only when it hit the enemy fighter that happened to be right in the middle of my fleet formation. . .

Wow. That is just…I feel like I should be sad for the huge UniT fleet (They’re my favourite race) but that’s just too hilarious XD

I am glad you find it funny :stuck_out_tongue:

The fleet were all equipped with dooms day devices - an entire Uni-T fleet was taken down by a single wing of federation fighters. . .
Mind you it was rather beautiful to watch the chain reaction wash across the formation. . .

Haha, it probably was.

EDIT: How odd…I used the -editor, and I didn’t get the warning message like before, but I also can’t find the editor…wtf…