Moar Dakka....

Now, With GSB… I’ve almost beaten the whole thing…But, I’ve noticed Theres not alot of ships with a crap ton of power housing spots to put guns… Such as Imperial… Weapon platform… AWESOME except You can’t fill each slot with a gun becasue you need at least a thrust/sheild/crew/energy to use it all, so I want to build a new race Orc with Captn Freebooterz and have it ware you can do such things like a few more spots… persay… just for more dakka. So I am here for you folks, on asking… How in the world do i do this?

My first suggestion is to go and have a read of the Modding 101 guide.
There is a chance that you may not follow it all to begin with but it will put some modding concepts into that humie head of yours for later use when you start your mod :]

Next you need to enable the GSB editor which can be done by editing the short cut and place -editor on the end.
here is an example: “C:\Program Files\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe” -editor
(I hope your using a PC because last time i checked there is a problem on the mac version)

Once your in the game, you will notice a new option called Hull Editor. Open it.
Choose your favorite ship design and then select modules option
From there its quite easy to add in more hard points to add moar dakka
On the right there are 3 buttons
Toggle Slot - changes between hard point and module
Create Slot - Well, it creates a new slot
Toggle mode - changes between either moving hardpoints/modules or adding in subpoints

Hope this brief overview help in getting you more dakka . .


Thats the point of GSB. U need to play around to fit all the slots and u will need almost always some weapon slots for armour / shields, etc. If u dont do that, it means that the ship has poor armour or shields, well shields are less important than armour, but the point of GSB is to build ships that are balanced or have a specific purpose, not overpowered monsters that have tons of weapons slots… yea, thats the living reason of a weapons plattform, but a weapon plattform, need more balance issues, like no speed, maybe negative shield bonuses and cost bonuses. It should have positive power bonuses, integrity and armour bonuses.
The problem with more dakka action is moar weapons in GSB are too much powerful ^^, if u fill a ship with R.A.W.R. weapons u will be commanding a super monstered overpowered ship xD (unless u manage to balance all the bullet weapons).