[MOD 1.1] Noah Defence Force



(Logo by bowasho)

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Cool graphic you have there, but unfortunately the image is too wide to effortlessly fit on this site’s forums without being clipped. It’s also so needlessly big in the vertical dimension that the amount of scrolling one has to to robs the viewer of the full artistic impact that you intended. Nonetheless, I like the idea behind what you shared with us. :slight_smile: Do you have more?

Please don’t think that you had to do that specifically for me – it’s for everyone’s benefit.
Nonetheless, I thank you. That propaganda poster has significantly more visual impact when a viewer can see all of it in one glance. The gold color of those engine trails is a good match for the background color of the poster itself. The interesting texture of the engine trails also adds a lot of appeal. And the clever “faux-historical” style is fun. Nicely done, GATC!

Very cool.

What mod is that though? Is it released or merely a preview.

That’s what I was wondering. o.0

“looking for a joke in this quote string” “finds nothing”

i think its a preview

Long answer?

Short answer?
Maybe ?

If you have never played Nexus: The Jupiter incident, and you want to play it someday; DON’T READ WHAT FOLLOW!
If you have never played it, and don’t want to play it, I strongly recommend to read THIS to understand the following story…

“How did we get in this mess ?”
The Victor MERMARCH, leader scientist and captain of the Bellerophon, was looking, again, at the old Noah Navy propaganda “poster”.
“What did I miss ? Is there anything in this damn universe that didn’t go wrong whenever a human touch it?”
Mechanically, he open is log, trying to reorder his thoughts

– Historical Log –
Battle for Earth, biggest battle ever fought by the Noah colony. Without the help of the Vardrag, the Gorn and the Ghost, the Angelwing would not achieve the final destruction of the Mecanoid.

New Earth treaty. This treaty create a new unified Earth government (UEG), with the assistance of the Noah colony in the domain of Researcher, Technologies and Defense.

First “Psis” incident. Even with the UEG trying to hide this “little” “problem”, the Noah colony was informed really fast of the new human kind born on Earth. It seam that the passage of the Mecanoid didn’t only affect the computer it pass trough, resulting a boost of 150% of efficiency, but it passage among the human have reactivate some genetic remnant capacity. This result in the born of a few human with “psi” power. For now, the real diversity of the power are unknown.

Creation of the “Psi Corps”. This organization research, lists and educate the “Psis”. This organization is strongly supervised by multiple non-govermental organisation and the Noah Defense Forces

After multiple secret reunions, the Noah Defense Forces become the only official human fleet. First recruitment of earthling among the Noah.

An unknown wormhole appear near Mars. More powerful than any other. He his not stable enough to pass trough, but data tend to say that it will be passable in the near future.

After some negotiation, the Gorn Empire have accept to deploy one of there battlestation to protect it, or what get exit from it. Vardrag, paranoid as usual have use some of their tech to upgrade the station.

The Mars Passage is finally stable enough to permit starship to travel trough.

The Bellerophon is send the other side.

Today log?..?..?..?..?
– Historical Log –

“So! Where is this damn Wormhole? It can’t disappear like that ?”
Victor turn is command chair in the direction of his First Navigator
“I can’t answer you Captain, sensor log show us that the wormhole was not near us when we have leave the quantum canal”
“So, it’s a one way?”
“For the sixth time, yes! But I’m still trying to calculate our coordinate, and if you interrupt me every 3 minute, I will never finish.”

For now, the crews are absolutely not frighten by the fact they are lost in the middle of nowhere.
They are still member of the Noah Defense Forces battleship Bellerophon. Even alone this ship is quite able in battle. An blessed is the mad mind who have equip this ship with three Big Bang missile launcher, who are one of the reason why the crews stay peaceful.

[3 hours later]
“We are in the middle of nowhere!”
It’s the first thing the First Navigator said in hours.
“We already know that! Is there any good news?”
“If my calculation are correct, this sector is not in our galaxy, and I can’t find our”
“What??? This is…”
“BUT! With the help of my dear sensor colleague, I’ve find something that look like exactly like our wormhole!”
“Great! IP drive in it’s direction so! Pilot, full speed!”
“Roger that.”

[2 day later]
“We have reach destination Captain”
“Captain! Unknown ship detected! They are between us and the wormhole, 10km ahead. Energy signature unknown”
“On screen”
The outline of two strange ship appear on the screen. With a quite big main hull, they seam to have there propulsion system on some kind of…
“Hey! I recognize this ship!”
Victor turn immediately his chair in direction of the one who have interrupt his thought. His First Tactical Officer, one of the few earthling aboard of this ship.
“Can you develop a little?”
“This ship look like the Starfleet ship of the old Stars Trekkie 7 movie, even if they are more… blue?”
“Well… Try to establish communication with ‘‘Starfleet’’”


“They don’t answer”
“They rise their shield!”
“OK! Everybody to battle station! Raise the shield, activate the weapons! Missiles in there tubes, ready to go at my command!”
“New ship have appear!”
“Oh my god! They look like star destroyer of Stars War 15!”
“Officer McCulen, you are not here to display you cinematographic knowledge, but to make sore that our weapons hit them hard! Acknowledge?
“Yes sir! Sorry sir!”
“There is now 5 ship between us and the wormhole. One of the ''star destroyer” is in interception course, the other seam to be regrouping… my bad, they are shooting at each other!”
“Great! We are in the middle of an interstellar war! Have you not an impression of ‘‘Déja-vue’’? OK, once at range, unleash the big bang and pry that there anti-missile defense is not too strong!”

Three missile leave the Bellerophon, targeting the “poor” Rebel cruiser.

“9km… 8km…7km…6km…5km…4km…3km…2km? They don’t seam to have any defense!”
“Poor of them…”

The first missile hit instantly destroy the shield, it generator because of the overload, and all near modules.
The second missile impact transform the ship in a HUGE bagel.
The third and last one finish the job by annihilate the last semblance of coherence.

“Destruction confirmed!”
“What about the other?”
“One of the ‘‘Starfleet’’ ship is been evacuating, and the two ‘‘star destroyer’’ are damaged. But all of them have begun to retreat just after the destruction of our target.”
“Good! Let’s get back home!”

Angelwing current configuration

Isn’t it named Angelwing? Cuz the AI is called Angel… so… :stuck_out_tongue:
Really liking what i’m seeing! ^^

I don’t understand.
It’s my English?

Moooore is coming!

95% ready!
Some scenario, a bit of fire-testing (banlance…) and RELEASE!

Angels are semi-divine winged beings in Christian mythology, sometimes also referred to as Seraphs or Seraphim. Angel is commonly misspelled as angle, since it is easy to transpose the two letters and both are correctly spelled English nouns (so the auto-correct functions of most programs won’t catch it). An angle is the number of degrees (or radians, seconds/minutes of arc, etc) between two lines.

Of the two words quoted above, ‘Angelwing’ is relatively likely to be used as a name for a ship, object, or species, while ‘Anglewing’ is likely to be treated as a misspelling of ‘Angelwing’, or as a nonsensical word.

You know that I know what an AngEL is? (and an AngLE too) ^^’ (BTW, seraphim are often not the Angels themselves but the son of a human and an angel/demon)
I just wrote too fast! ^^

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[size=20]LOL, epic pic is epic.[/size]

i dfey yer spile cheek

Federation Intelligence Agency (FIA)

There was multiple skirmish against a new dimensional intruder in the past few day. Even if they were only low scale battles, we see them as a treat! There warship are impressively equipped, with missiles able to annihilate a well defended cruiser in 3 hit! We have identifies some of their weapons systems, here are some example with a evaluation of their specifications.

-Big Bang Missile Launcher:
Firepower: HUGE (Between 850 and 1000 power units)
Penetration: Too much! (No know ship have resisted such missiles…)
Range: Too long. (About 3-4 KM)
Firerate: Very slow (In the skirmish, ships equiped with them only have time to fire 2 or 3 times)
Accuracy: Very high (Missiles only miss small moving target…)

-Eliminator Torpedo Launcher:
Firepower: Medium against armour, big against hull
Penetration: Unable to pass through shield, it is stopped by 30 cm of heavy armour
Range: Long (about 1.5 km)
Firerate: Medium
Accuracy: Good (Hit most of the time slow moving target)

-LASERring flak
Firepower: Very low (about the same as a fighter laser)
Penetration: Very low (Can’t pierce any decent cruiser armour)
Range: Very short (300m?)
Firerate: Very high (about the same as a fighter laser)
Accuracy: Insane! (no fighter are fast enough to avoid it)
Note: Most of the time, this weapons is configured not attack fighter, but missile. In this case, the range become about 750m

-Particle Gatling:
Firepower: High!
Penetration: Any ship defence can stop it.
Range: Medium-Long (about 1000m)
Firerate: High
Accuracy: Good (Hit most of the time slow moving target)
Note: This weapons is deadly against defenceless ship!

-Crystalpin light LASER:
Firepower: Good
Penetration: His role is to cripple our armour. Only armour tank can stop it!
Range: Medium (about 850 km)
Firerate: High
Accuracy: Very-Good (Can hit medium speed fighter)

-Whitelight Heavy LASER:
Firepower: More than Good
Penetration: Only the Scavenger “mobile” armour can stop it, and not for long…
Range: Medium (about 875 km)
Firerate: Medium-High
Accuracy: Good

-Delektron Energy shell
Firepower: Special (Destabilise shield by a good amount)
Penetration: Shield only (Can not damage anything else)
Range: Medium (about 815 km)
Firerate: High
Accuracy: Good
Note: This is their main kind of weapon to deal with shield.

ah, i remember all of them, except the Delektron :stuck_out_tongue:
Tried to play Nexus 1 again the past month in medium difficulty, damn! too freaking hard for me! lol

Keep it up, really liking what i’m seeing =D

OK, some more news!

That the difference between Nexus and GSB’s Noah?
In term of weapons:
No AOE weapons…
No Z axis.
No shield piercing.
Plasma Gun can no more damage shield, but can damage low tier armour.
Missile unavailable to destroyer and smaller ship to prevent low cost missile platform.
Access to some of the PSIE power from the cancelled (T.T) Nexus 2.
Access to the frigate and the unavailable and unseen ingame corvette.
No fighter repair in battle.
No ammo limit.
Ships more customisable
Ship are 3 time smaller than in Nexus (or else it’s 900 meter of battleship O.O)

So, technical info now:
Noah ship design system is different than those of the Great Powers:

  1. Ships have a big base cost (9 000 for the battleship)
  2. You MUST have a main engine and a main generator (Without Generator, you can’t save the design, without the main engine, there is a 100 000 credit penalty!)
  3. Modules don’t cost credits but Ship point (Symbolised by the power (minus the 500 of the engine))
  4. Ship have limited ship point per their class.
  5. There is one kind of module that boost the Ship point but raise the hull cost!
  6. Each empty module inflict a 10 000 credit penalty! (there is a module that “boost” hull and cost no ship points)
  7. Weapons are very specialised against a single defence or two (With the sole exception of the missiles)
  8. Weapons are the only modules that cost energy points (Symbolised by crew)

That’s all I see for now!

[Ghost mode on]
Look left. Look right. The path is clear.
[Ghost mode off]

[Sneaky insertion link to a 2 year old .rar that was waiting on my computer XD]

Enjoy ^^

Edit: Link to the “new version”

What a pleasant surprise. Didn’t expect I’d find another mod to download.


I forgot some element in the download!
(Like the race description / icon, the turrets and the Tutorial on how create ship with them!)

I’ll be done within a year ;p