[MOD] 3 belt-machine mods

Here are updates of 3 “belt Machine” MODs worked in earlier threads/posts.

A “directional” belt. It is really a machine, but functions as a 1-direction belt.
A “crossroad bridge 4way” belt. It is really a machine, but functions as a bridge crossroad - similar to normal belt crossroad but a few differences/advantages.
An “Angled bridge 4way” belt. It is really a machine, but functions as an angle bridge 4-way intersection.

All 3 mods have many thing in common:

All change the analyzer and use a 1x1 footprint. (so you no longer hav an analyzer).
All change the form of the output (shavings, oil) but not the ingredient cure/effect content nor concentration
All use the “belt” sprites and animation (of varying type) - though they can be distinguished from ‘normal’ belts.
All have $100 purchase cost (like a belt), $0 process cost, 1 tick processing, and no upgrade to cost (it is $0 already).
All have “analyzer” name and description changed to describe respective new function (though some analyzer images remain).

All have changed the Research Tab Tree - moved the Ioniser down and put the “analyser” next to Dissolver.
This allows immediate access to researching these belt/machines (also is an example on how to modify the
Research Tree and the “unlock” connections - see the research.data file).

The “StraightCrossroads_BridgeBeltMachine” and “AngleCrossroads_BridgeBeltMachine” both use the “swapper” function of the centrifuge
and need to be set to “brown” (no swap) for all 4 slots - as is described in text w/in the game while using the MOD. Not doing this WILL
swap ingredients - and are no longer “bridges”.

As noted in earlier threads, mostly this is to explore what we can do with MODs and investigate ideas people have asked for in the past.
I think most of these change gameplay in ways that Tim (dev) didn’t really intend (or want).
I’m fine with the game forcing players to think through belt/machine placement.

DirectionalBelt_NoAnalyzer.zip (8.69 KB)
StraightCrossroads_NoAnalyzer.zip (8.81 KB)
AngleCrossroads_NoAnalyzer.zip (8.77 KB)

Want, Want, and Want :smiley:

DL’d … will definitely be trying!


This is so clever!

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