MOD / ADD russian names , nordic names

MOD / ADD russian names , nordic names
Russian names, Ukrain, Polish, Czech, Slavic names
Русские имена.
Русский мужчины и женщины имя.

Nordic names, Icelandic and traditional Scandinavian names
Norwegian Danish Swedish Finnish. [/b]

Hello everyone,
as requested on the forum,
I figured out a solution /workaround for this issue.

example, Russia:
Alexei Smirnov
Alexandra Smirnova
Anastasiya Ivanova
Anna Kuznetsova
Anatoli Kuznetsov
Juri Alexejewitsch Gagarin
Galina Jurjewna Gagarina

example, Iceland:
Sigurdur Svenson
Gunnar Olafson
Björn Thor Magnusson
Rangar Aronson
Emilia Sunnadottir
Helga Arnadottir
Gudrun Maria Halladottir
Sigridur Björg Arnadottir

what this is and what you’ll get :

This is a WORKAROUND for russian and nordic names:
femaleforenames + surnamesfemales/suffix
maleforenames + surnamesmales/suffix

You will have new names
for ministers and focus group members
correctely displayed, like in the examples above.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Mod / Add / Workaround / Solution : (17.2 KB)

Iceland, Faroer ____ (last name SUFFIX)
-son (= son)
-dottir (=daughter)

names are constructed, like:
firstname , (second name) , last name (parents name)

firstname , (optional) , mother’s first name + dottir (suffix)

firstname , (optional) , farther’s first name + son (suffix)

for examples, pls see above.

If you are interested to read more
about (popular) f/m first names in Iceland
please follow this link: