[MOD] Ancient city: Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis.
It fires ALOT of drones.
The shield is 10000 it can withstand a fleet, after all atlantis was siaged by about 14 wraith hives
and the shield coud hold for a couple of days.
EDIT: Yes the shield is insane but it doesnt recharge.
New model and shield now 10000

a shield like that would be insane in gsb.

EDIT: this is my ancient city shield module

[config] category = "DEFENSES" classname = "SIM_ShieldModule" cost = 1600 crew_required = 18 description = "the ultimate shield." guiname = "Alteran city shield" hitpoints = 350 icon = module_shield_v6.dds lockable = 0 name = "alteran cruiser shield" powerconsumed = 90 restricted = "alterans" recharge_rate = 0.016 resistance = 20 shieldpoints = 1200 size = "CRUISER" slot_type = STANDARD stack_effectiveness = 0.0 unlockcost = 0 weight = 550
its very good but very expensive,it cant be stacked uses a lot of power and its really heavy.

i could make a drone launcher like the “real” one but destroying anithing with a copule drones and shooting thousands per minute would ruin the game

I agree that it’s doubleplus excessive.

Can this proposed shield still be strong enough to protect the city against any realistic (i.e. you still have a small but nontrivial chance of losing, despite your shield) bombardment or energy-beam duel that’s likely to be fought within GSB? Yes. Should it also have to be so strong that the entire idea – in practical terms, an invulnerble defense – is essentially unplayable? No.

Something that’s accurately copied from whatever canonical source you have, be it fiction or be it fact (max. emergency warp speed of a Klingon D7 battlecruiser, how thick the armor on a USN Iowa battleship, how many Krupp siege mortars the Germans could deploy to smash the Belgian forts in WW1, etc.), there’s definitely a non-trivial chance that it might not be such a good idea to shove it, with little or no changes, into an entirely different environment.

For example: the Xeelee nightfighters from Stephen Baxter’s several Xeelee Sequence books…let’s say I wanted to put them into GSB. Ummm…they’re armed with a beam that can be used in ship-to-ship battle but can also be instantly and effortlessly scaled-up in battle to destabilitize entire STARS. Can I shove it into GSB with no changes? Probably; I’ll just give the weapon a damage output of 999,999,999, and firing interval of 1 because it’s supposed to be a continuous effect. Oh, and the Xeelee are the dominant race in the entire universe, so their tech is so good that the beam never misses – I’ll give it a tracking of 100 when I put it into the game. No problem, right? Nobody’s going to mind playing against a 100% unbeatable hell-beast??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone can deliberately make a modding disaster like the one above. However, it’s how we juggle the balance and creatively fit the concept into the game without breaking the game that describes the really excellent mods.

I’m not saying don’t look for inspiration elsewhere. I am saying that when doing so, you often have to compromise – so be sure to compromise intelligently. :wink:

12 hive ships, not 14 -.