[MOD] Ancient vs Microbe v1.01

Ancient vs Microbe v1.01 finally done.


Ancient vs Microbe v1.0.zip
Update 1.01

Please remove the old ancient folder before installing.

This version added a complete new race, the microbe, along with some serious re-balancing to to Ancient.

To insall 1.01 fix, simply extract it into your GSB directory after you installed v1.0

Music credit to Immortal Defense

Here are screenshots

The next race will be “Infinity”. Their design will be clock composites with space/time distortion technology. Stay tune.

Nice work! I don’t suppose they’re ancient enemy of the Alliance? :smiley:

Good work - original concept, visually interesting appearance. Nicely done. :slight_smile:

That suggests some very intriguing mod-race possibilities.

With these guys i would like to see some Thorn Launchers, And Great ship concept

An Organic tech race with self-healing ships. One of my favorite types of races to play in the Space Empires series.

Sounds like it could be another expansion set. :slight_smile:

i think my girlfriend will love you for this…
(shes a hardcore botanist)

as for myself…
the most lolable ship i have ever seen… also looks quite interesting
yeah,i guess i could say i like it after i would murder the part of me thats banging on the inside of my skull yelling that its totally crazy… :slight_smile:

Thanks. I made the image for my new fighter. But I can’t get it to work without being super laggy. Can anyone tell me how importing fighters differ from frigates?

You need an additional sprite texture file that has two images of the fighter side by side (the right one being the damaged variant) with the same name.
So, for example, if your texture is called orchid_fighter.dds you also need orchid_fighter_sprite.dds.

Thanks. Here’s the fighter in game

Also, what exactly are _hulk.dds?

Hulk files for fighters work differently from the other classes. In most cases, you’ll find a single file containing the hulks for a given race.
It’s a 4x4 image grid where each square displaying a particular hulk is assigned a value ranging from 0 to 15 beginning at top left and ending at bottom right.
You use these values to specify the range of hulk images used for a particular fighter in the hull.txt file.
For example, you make this fighter have four different hulks which fills up a row. I’m using the top one for this example:
[codehulktexture = plant_hulks.dds
hulkUVstart = 0
hulkUVend = 3][/code]

You dont have to use the Fighter Hulk Stuff:

This is just a clipping of one of my fighter things:

classname = fighter name = JU87 guiname = JU87 Hull sprite = JU87.dds damagetexture = JU87_damaged.dds hulktexture = JU87_hulk.dds width = 12 height = 12 powerproduced = 30 cost = 75 racename = luftwaffe

eveything there is all you need (as well as the ‘_sprite’ file, even though its not listed)

Thanks. Also may I ask which one of the .DDS format create the least lag? I got a whole list from Paint.Net, and which mip map to use?

Here’s a pic of the settings I use to get my ships in game with Paint.net:
I don’t presume to understand it, but DXT seem to be compressed formats (like JPG as opposed to bmp) so stick to those to avoid large file sizes.
I use 3 for balance between image quality and file size but, you might want to try making a texture with all three to see which works best for you.

Thanks. I just checked. It seem that the large file size are required to prevent the game from lagging. The official game hulls are also around 1.4mb.

Right now I am using A8R8G8B8 with Super Sampling. While the file is 1.33 mb, it will be compressed down to 230kb when zipped. Images looks much sharper, but more importantly the game stop lagging.

any chance you could make a Royal Strelitzia cruiser? :smiley:

Lol maybe, depends on rather I can get my hands on some Strelitzia images that are also easy to work with.

Anyway here’s a new cruiser. With at least 1 of each type of ship I can call it a new race. Now I have to do the damaged hulls for these ships.

images in general are fairly easy to find, i`d have to know which ones “exactly” you need


if you google for “strelizia” or “royal strelizia” under images category you`ll end up with tons of images to look at,might even find some suitable ones to work with…
i believe that the strelizia bloom might be used to create wings of the cruiser with ease,just an idea tho

its a fairly popular plant so you shouldnt have too much difficulty

Yeah I google for all my images. Images are good if it doesn’t have any part of it cut off. Stuff with solid black background are the easiest to work with. I will look out for it when I make my next cruiser.

In the meantime, here’s venus fighter.

Here’s the strelitzia cruiser

awesome :smiley:
it looks really alien-like and evil, just the way i like my ships

gives 123 a big, round chocolate chip cookie