[MOD] Andromeda Ascendant

The Andromeda Ascendant
60 missile tubes
6 PDLs (Point defence lasers)
4 AP cannon (Anti Proton)
Speed: 0.54
Totoal hit points: 4881
This ship is powerfull and its PDLs can take out almost all enemy missiles but
It has no shield and only 150 armor (which is repaired fast by nanobots till its destroyed).
Lasers, Pulse, and Plasma weapons are effective agenst this ship.
EDIT: Models are now higher detail/resolution (they are final)
The slipfighter is buggy as a fighter hull so i made it to frigade hull.

Andromeda.7z (210 KB)

looks promising but… Is the hull supposed to look like this!!!

It is the wrong size image with nothing on it, doesn’t work ingame…
I am on a mac so I opened the dds with gimp and it looked like this. I converted it to png and opened up the game. It had the white box effect. I know that the fact that I converted the image is not the problem. I have done the same with multiple mods before. So… Just check your files, see if you put the wrong one in.

Sadly, I get the same thing when opening that .dds in Gimp : a 389x699 transparent canvas with nothing on it. I see no other layers in the .dds which have visible ship stuff. It’s not necessarily that the file is damaged or corrupted; it’s a perfectly valid file that happen to be empty.

If I’m not mistaken, the ship graphic needs to be created in a square ratio, anyhow; 512x512 and 1024x1024 seem to be popular.

Anyone else want to chime in?

yes, they need to be square… But that is weird, I don’t think any version of GSB could use a rectangular bitmap other than a square, so I wonder what happened?

PS I see you also put in an antimatter gun (great minds think alike? :P)… I would suggest a name change to “Negatron gun.” Idk if this is what anti-protons are anctually called imo sounds better than anti-proton


Strictly speaking the image doesnt need to be square, it can be any dimention you wish. However, the game will take that image and deform it into a square box for the ship building process, this will throw out the turret placements and in general make the ship look weird in the design screen.

The other downside to ship dimentions is the scaling of the ship. In this case the image dimentions are 389x699 which has a ratio of 0.55651:1 So if you want to make the ship 200 long then the width has to be 111.301 if you wish to avoid deforming the ship in the battle screen

Did it work for you or did you make that?

No, i just got it to work . .
(the original image had white spaces around it - i would need to spend a lot of time to trim out the white pixels)

Please share how you got it to work!

I didn’t do anything other than fix the ratio of the ship dimentions. . . (I am running on WinXp). I would hazard a guess and say that those that are having problems are running GSB on a Mac.

Try. I coudnt get all of the white outline wathout cutting the ship

Here is the preview of the new model. I did the old one on my old pc which has a crappy monitor and i missed a few thing there.
Btw the scaling works for me.

Thats much better, I was hoping to find a model on a black background which you could use (eliminating the white outline), However I am sorry to say i failed, this the best i could find but i think i might be too small

I’ll try to enhance/resize it…

And, I failed.

no need. I eliminated 99.99% of the white outline. it was a matter of scale
4000x7115 to be exact… making the transperent background and then
rescaling back to 393x699.

I will try to render a model from sketchup so u can use. But be aware since im not going to re-texture it, maybe its not as good detailed as u want, but almost the size will be superb.

What i mean is that i have 2 models that are high resolution and detail for andromeda.
There are some diffrances in the models so i give a choice between 2 models.
I think V2 is the better one and i set it as defaut. But V1 also looks good.

I’d done a little work toward an Andromeda mod when I first started playing GSB. I thought you might find this useful as a resource. It includes a Glorious Heritage sprite that looks pretty good in-game. We don’t actually know what a Pride of Kaldera class should look like, so I just based it on a GH with enough editing to make it look significantly different. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good top-down view of the Shrike class either. Most of the module names and descriptions are based on Allsystems information, so you may want to look at those as well.

Note that I made this for my personal use, and it’s very unbalanced. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.