[Mod] Angry Farmers Mod

This mod makes Farmers more sensitive. They dislike several taxes (Inheritance, Petrol, Carbon, Alcohol, Tobacco and Junk Food), as well as gun control, pollution control, and food safety.

If Farmers become angry enough, Farmer Protests occur. These protests cause traffic congestion, and disrupt international trade.

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Modfarmer.rar (7.02 KB)

Personally, don’t feel this needed changing. Farmers can already wig out if you don’t give them subsidies in one form or another. I’m not convinced that the taxes they’re hooked to are particularly connected - why are they especially sensitive to alcohol or tobacco tax, for instance? Also, I’m sure the Food Standards Agency already angers Farmers.

In the standard game, Farmers are too easy to push over, since they are too few to make a difference in the elections. In the real world, they get their political leverage from protesting.

In many regions, tobacco and grapes are the primary crops. Taxation on these products anger farmers.

For a future version, I plan to use Curfews as the ultimate anti-protest policy.