Mod Announcement Multiracial Multitractors

I am happy to announce I am working on a new mod WIP, which will be a subset of another mod also WIP
The goals of which are the further evolution of the races abilities, enhancing racial themes and racial differences.

This first mod will give variations of multi tractor projectors to each race.
A slight quirk in the ai can lead very often to multiple tractors installed on the same ship all targeting the same fighter
rather than perhaps more usefully four different fighters. Hilarity ensues when cooperative orders are enabled meaning surrounding ships also target that fighter. A single fighter is thus held by about 25 tractor beams, it isn’t going anywhere but this is not efficient, for bonus stupid points the ships dont bother to shoot the hapless thing.

Negations to the problem are placing beams on the opposite sides of a massive hull, though overlap can still occur.
Multi-target beams of course fix the issue rather neatly.

All races will get at least a bi-projector tractor beam.

Most powerful
The Spiderri Alliance. The alliance gets a special unit with the strongest beams and most projectors. Kind of like a web. Spiders build webs, see?

As the pioneers of this technology, the outcasts will not be outdone. They get super duper versions of their original multipoint.

At this point I am happy to take advice on any issues you may feel are game breaking, or take on board any ideas you may have for a certain race or ideas to make the mod interesting.
I will do GSB races first and then put created races into consideration.