[MOD] Another Federation Dreadnought!

Yes, yes, another dreadnought. here’s the link.


Any more info? Pics, hardpints, bonuses?

you’ll have to download to find out. lets just say that it kicks MAJOR ass.

I am intrigued

well, if you put the right modules on, if you just put a big hunk of engines on it, it won’t kick much ass… unless it’s in a race…

ok fine, i’ll let you have a little peek at what it looks like, just click the link and look at it with awe.

profile.imageshack.us/user/hybri … 909510.png

sweet, looks awesome

thanks :smiley:

holy whoa! no words to describe this!

nice necro, now pics or it didnt happen( of the dreadnaught, pics or I wont download)

i posted a link to a picture in an earlier post. it was posted before i thought of linking the pic so you don’t have to click anything to see it. anyway, in other news, if you have downloaded it, you may be seeing no engines. copy and paste this into your dreadnought file, which should fix the engineglows:

0 = 106,260,16,30,engineglow.dds,engine_debris,0,1.00
1 = 150,260,16,30,engineglow.dds,engine_debris,0,1.00
2 = 85,260,16,30,engineglow.dds,engine_debris,0,1.00
3 = 67,260,16,30,engineglow.dds,engine_debris,0,1.00
4 = 170,260,16,30,engineglow.dds,engine_debris,0,1.00
5 = 188,260,16,30,engineglow.dds,engine_debris,0,1.00

there you go :slight_smile:

excellent fix! my mod updated now :slight_smile: