[Mod] Babylon 5 LIVE V1

Alrighty…this started when I downloaded the Star Trek/Mashup of cool scifi ships Mod by N3MES1S, who has stopped work on his mod, but hoped to eventually develop a separate mod for each principle universe…credit where it is due - N3MES1S for the concept and base work, Cliffski and all associated with GSB, the forums for answering questions, Archduke Astro for beta playtesting and giving lots of sage guidance, Darkstar076, and Cen2050 for letting me borrow elements from their mod…Thank you all :slight_smile:


The History of the Earth Alliance
The Earth Alliance was founded in 2085 by the countries of Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States in the aftermath of World War III to replace the ineffectual United Nations.[1] The founding nations also made a strong attempt to explore space by setting up bases on the moon and a colony on Mars by 2090.

The government of the Earth Alliance is called Earthgov and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Earth Alliance is a representative liberal democracy for most of the series. Earthgov is regulated by the Earth Alliance Constitution, which bears a strong resemblance to the United States Constitution and the British Parliamentary form of government (the Westminster system). The Chief Executive of Earthgov is the President, who in turn has a Vice-President and other assistants called ministers. The legislature is called the Earth Senate, which consists of representatives from the Earth’s nation-states.

Though scientists had discovered hyperspace, they still were unable to send large objects such as ships through. Thus the Earth Alliance began sending ships into space in which people had been put into stasis in the hopes of finding alien life. In 2156, a Centauri patrol fleet made contact with Earth after detecting the use of hyperspace to relay radio communications.

After making first contact with the Centauri, the Earth Alliance saw massive growth. With technology purchased from the Centauri (chiefly with artistic and cultural items), the Alliance was able to technologically advance hundreds of years in just a few decades. Humans began establishing footholds in other star systems. After the expansion brought Earth into conflict with a number of alien races, a military organization called EarthForce was created by the Alliance to protect Earth and her colonies from alien attack. After the Dilgar War, and the Earth Minbari War came the Babylon Project.

The Babylon Project was a development of the Earth Alliance that began in 2248, shortly after the resolution of the Earth-Minbari War. The project’s goal was to prevent future wars by providing Humans and aliens neutral territory to settle their differences peacefully. Five Babylon Stations were constructed before the success, Babylon 5 came online in 2257 at an enormous cost, the previous four ended in disaster.

Thunderbolt Fighters (from N3MES1S mod)

New Warlock Model courtesy of 3D modeler D-Jota:

Including so far 30+ New modules ranging from armor, ship specific weapons and modules with new art for added reality and even more to come.

My ultimate goal is to introduce the rest of the races eventually including Interstellar Alliance, Narn Regime, Centuari Republic, Minbari Federation, Shadows, Vorlon Empire, League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

Looking for MAC beta testers. Need to have a Mac with the 5available expansions. Please PM me for download Link.

Current Version: 1.00

  • Modules Created <<100.0% Complete>>
  • Turret Graphics / Weapon FX complete <<100% Complete>>
  • Ships coded in <<100% Complete>>
  • Scenarios Complete <<80% Complete>>
  • Balance Modules / Weapons / Ships /<<99% Complete>>
  • Outside Beta Testing <<99% Complete>>
  • Show accurate sounds <<99% Complete>>

Updated 2012-03-11


Constructive criticism welcome.

Here it is boys and girls (Mac-only at the moment)

This mod pays homage to the Babylon 5 universe; specifically, the Earth Alliance. I am including TV-SHOW-ACCURATE equipment loadouts for each hull. This mod should be fairly balanced within that context. Should an end user go bonkers in loading hulls up with super weapons, please do not complain about balance issues. The intent of this mod is to challenge the user to deploy the correct hull, in the proper formation/place, with the correct amount of support.

To make this mod work you need GSB 1.58 or better, plus the 5 race expansion packs. (Swarm, Tribe, Order, Nomads, and Parasites)

[size=135]Download Links :[/size]

[size=115]Download Mac Version 1.1 (48.34 Mb) [/size][size=90](uploaded 2012-08-04)[/size]

[size=115]Download Windows Version 1.1 (28.68 Mb) [/size][size=90](uploaded 2012-08-04)[/size]

Known Issues:
Cr EA WCD_Beam_Turret.txt has an extra space in the Sound line.

"B5/data/sounds/ Warlock Beam.wav"

should read:

"B5/data/sounds/Warlock Beam.wav"

This seems to crash the PC version. Has not affected my Mac version to date. Will update download files as time permits. I hope to upgrade the scenarios at the same time…may be a while.

A good looking mod.

Pretty awesome mod, it needs some touchs here and there, but nothing of major importance at the moment.
Also, noticed something weird, what happened with your “+6” button at the side of the minimap??

Never had a 6th button to my knowledge…

Black-damage text toggle
Target-follow ship
Monitor-screen shot
Red/Green-friend/foe color toggle
(incase it is different on Mac)

Yeah, if I go forward with current art there is a good amount of fixing to be done. I need to work on engine glows today, maybe more show accurizing weapon emplacements.

Looking good, id be happy to help with the hulks for you.

Yep, that button should be a “+6”

About the 6th button : that’s the same on Linux.

Ohh… ic ic…

Oh yeah Magnus, you can take better screenshots if you press “U” first, it hides the GUI ^^

Thanks:) I am trying to nail down a few more things first, but I will probably take you up on that!

The only thing i’ll need is the ships’s and what you want me to do with them. When you’r ready though!

Awesome News…NEW artwork!!! Only ship(s) not replaced as of yet are fighters, and the Olympus Corvette. Apparently there are no mesh models of it around:( In addition to new models, NEW ship accurate Turrets!!!

Pics coming soon.

New Hulls coded, working on Ship Specific weapons/turrets. Then tweaking. No Scenarios yet.

I haven’t touched Hulks,Explosions.

I am looking for a MAC beta testor, anyone?

Here is a teaser of the new hulls. Fancy Running Lights coded an all:D

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Looks nice! How did you get those smaller white ships (dont kill me for not knowing their names xD) in an almost mirrored formation and position?

I assigned the front two as Escorts to the center ship, and the back two as escorts to the flanking ships:) Happy happenstance. The little ones are the only ones I haven’t been able to find new art for…which isn’t ideal, but manageable.

Beta Copy link sent:)

All but one hull has damage and hulk art done. Then off to the hulk coder CptFox who has awesomely volunteered his services!

I will try to get the all fancy update center format and %'s done soon and in the first post. The new art really rocks, and the build is coming along, have a beta copy of the hulls/modules/weapons out for testing. Won’t be long before I start scenario building:)

Woo good job!

I should have damage done tonight or tomorrow. How would you like to receive the images and text files Cpt? If you know what to do to make the mod work on a PC (if you don’t have a Mac) I will gladly upload the whole thing and send you the link.

If you just email it, i’ll PM you my email!