[Mod] Babylon 5 LIVE V1

Bombs away:D

Any Mac users interested in Beta testing, hit me up. Mod is very stable on my machine:)

I updated and reformatted the 1st post to be more in line with the status quo as far as mod building seems to go around here:) Approximate percentages of completion added, these are fluid and contingent upon beta tester’s feedback.

wooow the new art looks awesome! Looking fordward to the final release =D

Did someone say Awesome Artwork?

Special thanks to the Uni-T mod for having large maps:D

Wooow, loving the black-ish ship =D
Idk why but it reminds me a Vaygr Battlecruiser from homeworld 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the Warlock Class Destroyer. The nose…is a RailGun :smiley:

Well I began work on a scenario…lets just say the EA fleets will be smallish for the most part and strategy will be key to victory, let alone amassing honor points. Some balancing issues will be addressed with feedback from my (so far) LONE ( :frowning: ) beta tester. I am hoping to put some nuggets in a scenario though. Probably looking at 3-6 scenarios.

IF interested in Beta Testing shoot me a PM.

Well since I am waiting on Red Marble to release Parasites, and feedback from my poor lone beta tester I have been tinkering. Initially I thought Sketchup was a cartoonie joke…apparently not.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Mesh Author: Fabio Passaro

Little teasing about future B5 themed mods if the Earth Alliance Mod is liked well enough and demand warrants development. Let me know what you think.

Few Screen Caps from one of the scenarios I am working on originally seen here (thought it would be a little more interesting) viewtopic.php?f=23&t=7025

Shadow Pack partially coded and play testing. Minbari Pack partially coded, Interstellar Alliance about 10%.

Added Global Orbital Defense Platforms to the Earth Alliance Pack:D Need to tweak B5 itself.

Updated first post with progress. Adding show accurate sounds, new module/turret art, load screens, scenario music and what not.

Added a new heavy fighter, Play testing the Minbari and Shadows.

Looks sexy.

Now with Video. Please note I have had access to the bullet texturing abilities native the Parasites Expansion for less than 24hrs. The sound isn’t great, but it is there. Hulks and explosions are still a work in progress, more refinements to come. I hope you like it so far. I even tease a few new B5 races coming down the pipe:)


That looks good! I like the gun sounds allot!

Sorry for the delay in updates, I have been really busy. I rough coded hulks and explosions today which was the last major piece of the puzzle.

Beta V1 should be up this weekend for MAC download.

Mod is LIVE, Link at bottom of first post.

Uploading an experimental Windows friendly version with .dds files, text files also edited.

If someone could please post whether the conversion worked or not I would appreciate it:)

hello i am new to the fourms but not the game and the conversion did not work because some of the dds are corrupted so it will not run on windows ^-^

also the warlock colours are wrong ._. i cant wait untill all of the races are done ^.^