[MOD] Babylon 5 races swap + full Campaign mode - Released

I had this Babylon 5 galaxy map laying around for a while for Conquest so I decided to take it to a higher level. I replaced the 4 vanilla races with respective Babylon 5 races. Since it is a graphics only mod without any stat change (save for ship size), it should work well in every type of vanilla engagement.

The turrets are removed from the tactical view, but visible in the ship design mode. A rotating turret on the G’Quan just looks wrong.
The hardpoint placement in the editor mode may be a little messy. Also the target points are the same as the original ships. It may look strange in some cases, but they get the job done for now.

Download from here:

How to use:
Back up your Data folder and overwrite it with the Data folder from the zip. That is all.

Now the Babylon 5 campaign mode:

After the battle at Coriana VI, the first ones left, but noone made it out alive from the Shadow cloud. The entire fleet was lost with all hands. The Minbari fleet was decimated in this engagement. The Centauri fleet was weakened by the Vorlons. The Narn were eager to strike back with a vengance. And the Earth Alliance, with its spared and modernized fleet, had an old score to settle. Without anyone to handle the Babylon project, the fragile peace broke down quickly. The galaxy is now in a state of total war…

With the modded graphics, the new map and some modded savegame scenarios, you can play as one of the 4 major races in the B5 Galaxy. The goal is simple: Conquere the galaxy for your empire!

Download from here:

How to use:
You will need to get the campaign DLC first. You may back up your entire campaign folder if you want to.
Then copy the campaign folder into your GSB folder. Overwrite when prompted.
Now locate the saved games folder. It is somewhere on your system drive, the documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles folder. Now copy the campaignprogress folder into it. You should not overwrite anything.

So after that, if you load up the GSB you will find 4 new saved games under the Campaign mode. Load the side you want to play. That is all.

I am very impressed with the quality of your graphics. (It’s a shame the Centauri ships don’t have as much character top-down as in a 3D angle, but there’s not much to be done about that.)

It would not be too terribly difficult, given what I see here, to make a complete and separate mod out of what you’ve already got (for those who don’t want to mess with their vanilla GSB races). Food for thought. Very good work!

Added all 4 races. I will upload the B5 Campaign map soon.

The B5 universe is far from being balanced. Theoretically, a Sharlin fleet could walk all over every race which is just not fun. However, the graphics are up for a grab for anyone.

Who won the Earth-Minbar war? ^^

For the ships who are very powerful, can’t you just boost their cost to limit their number?

I just completed the EA campaign. It take about 260 rounds. So the campaign is indeed beatable. It was also quite fun.
There is a place where a cruiser exclusion is followed by a fighter exclusion, so I had to rely on frigates. It was a welcome change of strategy.

Hey, this looks awesome, but the original download links seem to be defunct. Can anyone post them elsewhere?

hmm i love bab 5 but i can’t download, also although we won the war the minbari stop fighting as they were about to obliterate us, for reasons i won’t say if you don’t know :slight_smile:

Could anyone kindly provide this wonderful mod to us once again? Thank you 1000 times!