[Mod] Black Swan Mod; Dilemmas & Events

A simple mod that adds a baker’s dozen of dilemmas and events.

Some of them are based on real-world events, such as the Henry Louis Gates arrest, the Mohammad cartoon crisis, and the Swedish prison cake incident ( aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article10937921.ab ). Among other issues are child spanking, school uniforms, knife control, combat sport, air crashes, species extinction and wildfires.

Please provide feedback!

Changes for version 1.03
Added dilemma: Ban Begging
Added event: Flood
Added images
Grammar edit

Changes for version 1.02
Added dilemmas: Agent Recruited, Arms Export, Smokeless Tobacco (smokeless tobacco is probably the biggest issue in Swedish EU politics, and a deal-breaker for membership)
Added events: Blizzard, Détente, Oil Field Opened.
Added images from the public domain.
Some balancing.

Changes for version 1.01
Name changed to Black Swan, from Dilemmas & Events.
Added International Crisis and Labor Riots events.
Fixed event images.
Modblackswan.rar (299 KB)
Modblackswan.rar (243 KB)
Modblackswan.rar (228 KB)
Moddilemmas.rar (207 KB)

Considering a remake, named Black Swan, with more extreme events.

Hi, do you mind if I package up this mod for listing on the official page here:

Thanks. Some bugs now, I prefer to post an upgrade till tomorrow.

Version 1.02 uploaded! A total of 21 dilemmas & events.

Global Détente has no picture here.

[b]EDIT: After several reelections, the game crashed and an ERROR window had this:

Unknown scripted function:.\src\SIM_Script.cpp 228[/b]

Don’t know if the mod caused this. I liked very much the dilemmas so far presented. I also found some minor grammar issues.

Thanks for reporting the image error.

Which event wold have been likely to cause the crash? In other words; have any events not showed up properly?

Everything so far is going normal. That crash occured when I advanced a turn after several elections. I didn’t have a chance to see what events/dilemmas were that time, and I don’t know if the crash was due the mod.

I’ve been playing a lot less than I would like, so haven’t been able to fully test. But so far, that for sure is a great mod!

A suggestion for event: as I see you added Blizzard, which lasts for a turn (3 months), why not includ Floods? The effects would be on GDP, Health and productivity, lasting the same turn (3 months). Just because some countries do not have Blizzards.

This mod is very fine so far, one of the best I encountered here. Thanks for the great work!

Considering a dilemma for public transport operation, with the choice between private contractors, and government operation.

Private contractors would be able to increase rail and bus usage. However, I cannot really find a gameplay advantage of government operation.

Trains and Bus already have policys. Why not make a dilemma to choose about a proposal for a subway expansion by a private contractor?

Allow it
Yes, private will run, less people will use car, train or bus - allowing to reduce traffic congestion and the costs for subsides for trains and bus (if any). But private tend to charge more than gvmt, so this will decrease middle and poor income.

No, government should do it
No, government is the master, but runs inefficiently. There should be a cost increase at somewhere (like roads maintenance) to simulate the costs with that expansion and maintenance. But since there are subsides, middle and poor income would not be decreased. Also, there’s 2 cases:

  • Less people will use car, train or bus etc, but should be a smaller number than private, since the subway would be worse in general. (case 1)
  • Because it’s cheaper, there would be more people on subways than on private, allowing lesser people in cars, traffic congestion and lesser costs on subsides for train and bus (but we still get to pay the bill). (Case 2)

How about that?