["MOD"] BP_Launcher

Hey folks,
I spent some time on programming a scenario-/ & challenge-editor for the game. First I want to show you some screenshots. Boring text follows afterwards :wink:


  • Windows OS (32 or 64 bit) (only tested with Win7 32bit, though)
  • At least .Net 4.5 Framework
  • Big Pharma Game (duh)


  • extract the zip-file to your Big Pharma directory, so that both files and the folder are on the same “level” as the game.exe
  • start BP_Launcher.exe and enjoy :wink:


  • It’s a very early prototype, so bugs are very likely. Reports are appreciated.
  • A backup of the game-files is highly recommended!!!
  • I don’t do much input-correction (just for now), so you could create challenges that don’t make sense, e.g. you could set a challenge to supply 100 “cures” which causes memory loss with a minimum rating of A.
  • Same applies to scenario-parameters.
  • I noticed that some user-created scenarios won’t start, this is probably caused by wrong (too low/high) input-parameters, feedback on that topic would help,too.
  • The game-updater won’t work if you start the game via the launcher, however all changes to the game-files are only temporarly and the defaults will be restored after you exit the game, so the updater should should work if you start the game directly (or at least it isn’t my fault then ;))
  • All user-created scenarios are located in the BPL_data folder => it’s possible to share them.

I hope the GUI is intuitive enough and self-explaining. However feel free to ask any questions or leave any suggestions.

BP_Launcher_V0.1.zip (40.5 KB)


  • proper localization (only english for now)
  • tooltips that explain all the input-parameter
  • better input checking/correction
  • more editors to easily create new game-content e.g. ingredients, research etc.


Just updated the launcher to version 0.2. Apparently I’m not able to edit the OP, so the new version is attached to this post…

So what new? I finished the tooltips for the scenario editor and implemented a proper localization system for both the launcher and the game. There are 4 files that are used for the localization, 3 game-files (strings-XX.data, names.data, drugNames.data) and 1 file for the launcher (BPL_strings-XX.data).
If you want to use / create a custom localization you have to put the translated game-files into


where XX is a two-letter contry-code, e.g. “de” for german or “cz” for czech.
You also have to rename strings-XX.data as well. Localizations for the launcher can be placed directly into the BPL_data -folder.

Worth to note is that it also will work with incomplete translations, e.g. if a file is missing or a few translations inside a file aren’t present. As a fallback english will be used then. However you’ll receive a notification about missing files on startup.

To change the language you have to open BPL_settings.data (in the BPL_data -folder) with a texteditor of your choice and change the country-code to the desired one. You can also turn of the warning pop-ups on startup by setting “showLanguageWarningOnStartup” to false.

Like before all changes are NOT permanent and the defaults are restored after the game is closed, so it won’t break the game-updater.
BP_Launcher_V0.2.zip (42.8 KB)