[Mod] Brazil

Hey, guys! I’m not sure how many people are still actively playing this game or whatever, but anyway, I decided to make my own Brazil mod since no one tried before. I tried to be as close to reality as possible, but the game has its limits and so does Brazilian transparency (meaning many numbers and rates aren’t advertised appropriately). That said, most of the rates are real, some are approximates and some are educated guesses. I would really like to hear from other Brazilian players if any calibrations are incorrect or outdated. Have in mind this is a first attempt and there’s still a lot to be changed.

I checked all the policies in the game so everything should be good to go. If you use the LGBTQ rights mod, you’ll notice that I couldn’t set the sliders correctly, so it’s set to “Heterosexual marriages only.” I couldn’t find the place to change it (for now). If you want some more realistic gameplay, bump it all the way to full rainbow marriage rights. There are no anti-discrimination laws for the LGBTQ in Brazil. If you don’t have the mod, there aren’t any changes to be made.

Okay, now about difficulty… For testing purposes, I only tried this country at 0% difficulty. It was pretty easy to get past the debt after investing in education and some grants, and then the issue became more about balancing all the different political leanings. I tried again at 25% and got assassinated before I got the chance to play more. Have in mind I am not the best Democracy 3 player, so this could be different for you. What I mean to say is that it might be too difficult, in which case I’d love it if the more experienced players tried it out and let me know. There are a lot of overrides and some of them might be the reason for this. There’s always room for improvement! :slight_smile:

Note: for more realistic gameplay, voting should be compulsory. I didn’t turn it on by default for two reasons: 1) I’m not sure how; 2) Even though Brazil has compulsory voting, voters have the option to vote for “blank,” which would be more or less not being part of the elections. The blank votes are only accounted for in case of a close call (in favor of the winning party).

Alright, so below is the .rar for the mod. I didn’t want to make an installer quite yet because I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of stuff to fix and tweak before this is an actual Brazil country option.
Brazil.rar (958 KB)

Hi there, nice mod. I will play for sure later, but here some suggestions (pardon me if they are already there):

Pre-game (for those who can adjust)

  • term with 4 years
  • only 2 terms
  • Mandatory voting. But, as you said, one can actually ditch the vote by voting blank - it doesn’t count anymore towards nobody.
  • We have no earthquake, but we do have floods (lots of them) and sometimes drought. Floods often occurs between january-march. Terms in Brazil begins in january.

Wrong Policy

  • Legalized prostution - We don’t have a legalized prostitution; it’s not a crime if somebody pays for a prostitute. It is a crime whenever somebody charges a prostitute. But we do not have any legislation that legalizes prostitution.
  • Childcare Provision - there is childcare provision provided by state (so-called “creches”). Though they are not universal, but costs money.

Sugested Policy

  • Bolsa Família - a policy to direct transfer money to the poorest with option to adjust the income of the receivers. The value transfered is related to minimum wage (percentage).
  • Minimum wage - this wage is increased every year and most of benefits are based on its value (bolsa família, state pension, etc). So every cent increase in minimum wage, increases by a lot on other social programs. I know that there is a dilema to set (or not) Minimum Wage. But Policy is more like it.
  • Full-time jobs only - Every legal job is a full-time job. Partial-time jobs are not legal - tends to decrease formal employment and tax-paying, since payment is not formaly registred.

Situation Missing

  • Organized crime - where is the organized crime? We have a lot derived from drugs.
  • Strikes - strikes should set down the GDP and get everyone angrier. I only encountered railroad strike playing France, I guess.
  • Inner cities riots - where are those? EDIT: racial riots is activated, but not right. I think it is automatic in the game due to racial issues, but inner cities riots is more like it.
  • Hospital Overcrowding - yeah, we do have that.

Slide not working

  • Airline Taxes - It doesn’t have a cost or income.


  • Set areas for natives - you face a problem where natives claim part of the soil that is already occupied by farmers for more than 100 years. Should you send back to natives?
  • LGBT - I see you’ve worked with that MOD, but the thing is: that’s all they’ve asked me the whole game! Your overide must be overidden every other dilemmas. Try to lower those triggers.

Whenever I remember something, I’ll put here.

EDIT 2: Debt crisis is not a huge issue for almost 10 years now, but overspending is, as well as inflation (now almost at 6,5%), but that is challenging!
ps.: I checked: Brazilian GDP is aproximatedely US$ 2400 BN anual (2012), which gives US$ 600 MN quaterly. Our External Debt is US$ 318 MN (total registered on second quarter 2014). So, our Debt/GDP ratio is roughly 53% (not those 200+%). To convert those values to R$, nowadays currency equivalency is roughly US$ 1 = R$ 2,40.
FONT: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/brazil/external-debt

EDIT 3: It appears that raising taxes on cigars and airlines doesn’t cause to generate income to the budget.
ps.: the cigar slide is now working, but airlines’ is not.
EDIT 4: Compass’ flag is actually Greece’s.

But this sure is a challenging scenario!! Very well done!

Hey There, Eryx, im having a lil trouble with your mod, can ya fix it ??? when im gonna play as Brazil the game crahes.