[Mod Bug] overpowered beam lasers

well, technically it’s more of a suggestion, but anyway, when i make an absolutely overpowered beam laser, and i set the duration of the beam to be very high, the ship that it hits dies immediately, and the beam only has a quick flash. at first i thought it was a bug, and that it never appeared, but then i took a closer look. anyway, i think that even if a beam laser kills something in one shot, it should still have a high enough duration so you can actually see it.

Aye. If the target unit is vaporized in a period of time less than the beam’s full duration, that does often make it tough for a mere mortal to figure out exactly how the target was wiped out. I’m pretty sure that not anything you and I can mod, though. That being said, I agree that it would be nice if the beam duration was lengthened a wee bit so that we could actually see it and therefore understand what the hell just happened. :slight_smile:

yeah. maybe i should’ve put this in the suggestions forum… oh well. too late now. :confused: