[MOD BUG] Power limit

I’ve poked around in the game’s files and eventually increased the power output of one hull to something very, VERY high, like 999999999. I just did that because the explosions or the hulks or something are much more powerful if the power’s much higher. but when i played the game, all traces of the hull vanished. if i selected the hull in the ship designer, everything appeared normal, except i couldn’t save my ship. i set the power one digit lower, than again, than again, so on and so on, until it was 9999. then the hull showed up again. Can this be fixed? Why does it not work? no errors pop up, so that leads me to assume that it’s hard coded or something. is it?

I bet you hit an overflow on a 16 bit integer the game uses to store the hull’s power. 2 to the sixteenth is 65536. That means computers can’t store numbers greater than 65535 in a sixteen bit unsigned integer field. If GSB uses a signed integer – able to store both negatives and positives – the limit might instead be 32767 (and negatives down to -32768).

See if 64000 or 32000 work, if you really want to push the limits. Of course, what you’ll do with that much power, I don’t know.

well, i don’t really want to get any more power, because guess what? every time a cruiser or even a frigate dies with this much power next to another, it dies too. so in baleur’s bloodbath, a mod mission, once one enemy ship dies… poof. the enemy fleet % drops REALLY LOW REALLY FAST. But it does have it’s rewards. i just made a cruiser engine that takes a ton of power, with 9999 thrust, and i used a lot of them on one cruiser, making it’s speed about 57.6. You should’ve seen it! Right at the beginning of the battle it zoomed across the battlefield! It was crazy! It was even faster than a FIGHTER! Holy crap, it was huge too… BTW here’s the engine module:

unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
classname = “SIM_EngineModule”
category = “ENGINES”
size = “CRUISER”
name = “Mega_Cruiser_engine”
guiname = “MEGA Engine”
description = “TOO MUCH THRUST!! GAH!!”
weight = 150
hitpoints = 150
thrust = 9999
cost = 1000
icon = module_engine_4.dds
crew_required = 50
powerconsumed = 90.0
slot_type = STANDARD
uisortpos = 3060

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL
4 = crew_required,INTEGER
5 = thrust,DECIMAL

It’s not balanced, i just wanted a really crazy engine.