[Mod/Bug] Using cruiser texture for fighter doesn't work

I attempted to use the Rabbit Cruiser texture for my ‘Wolfire Fighter Hull’, but unfortunately this causes a strange bug. I’m using the particle effects for the Achilles fighter, and this doesn’t happen when I use the Achilles texture - I’ve also tried using GIMP’s DDS module to add in mipmaps, and it wasn’t that.

When the mission loads the fighters look fine, warping in, but as they finish warping in they get covered in a white ‘missing texture’ block and the frame rate drops like hell. :frowning:

Screenie below.

Fighters use a different texture system to the other ships, to use ‘texture atlasing’ rather than have lots of changes between textures when drawing 100 fighters. As a result, you cant swap textures between fighters and non fighters.

Oh dear.

I’ve tried fooling around with my save options, but there’s NOTHING I can figure out how to do through GIMP to get one of these texture atlases atlased. As a result, I can’t make any new fighter textures.

I think we may have to beg you to make us a short guide on how to do this texture atlasing thing, Cliff!

Have you tried the simple method of just copying + editing one of the original fighter textures? Also I note that fighter hulks are stored separately, in the race root graphics folder.

It might not help… but then, it might, so I thought I’d suggest it.