[Mod][Cures][Names] Fallout Chems


I am incredibly hyped for the impending Fallout 4 release, and have decided to make some cures based on Chems from Fallout.

WastelandCures v1.zip (6.05 KB)

I’m definitely not finished yet, I just really want some feedback before I continue. I’m new to balancing in this game, so I really need to know what’s OP and UP. Thus far I have two families.

Radiation: Buffout --> Rad-X --> Rad-Away.

They are meant to be somewhat reliable cures that have a low, but nonetheless present, curing rate. Higher in Radaway. But they have high value and can create a good profit margin. I made a Rad-Away Syringe assembly line that nets a total of $500/time unit. (do we have a name for those? Like in minecraft the time unit is a “tick”)

Color coded for each stage in the upgrade process.

Field Medicine: Med-X --> Stimpak --> Super Stimpack --> Doctor’s Bag.

These are meant to be a game starter. Med-X works at nearly every concentration, but that range converges to the center with each upgrade, making it harder to sustain the balance, especially with upgrading that tends to work against it.

I’ll put it on Nexus when I add in at least two more families. I already have some ideas on how to arrange them, too. I can put Jet, Rebound, and stimulants like that together. But please, cure trees and balance ideas are loved and will be considered.

Final note, if anyone can find a way to simulate addiction from the addictive chems, then please submit. I’m stuck on this one.