[Mod] Current ruling political parties by country. V1.03

Here are the following countries published on the Mod List with their main ruling political parties.

Be advised, because of the visual cap I only put the 1st and 2nd placed parties.

Argentina, Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, UK & the US.
Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, North Korea, Russia.

Things to note:
As you can see there is a visual cap after 34 names. There’s no option to scroll down. Would be nice to have a scroll option in a future patch.
The text file doesn’t support Unicode so special characters and accented letters disappear, because of this I’ve given the English translation of the party name.

Here’s my partynames.txt file should you want it.

Updates: 1.02: Added Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, North Korea, Russia 1.03: [Fix] Argentina's parties
partynames1.03.zip (760 Bytes)

it’s only Frente para la Victoria (FVP) and Union Civica Radical (UCR) maybe you should put the party names in spanish, thanks.

I only just uploaded a Bulgarian mod. Here are the two main parties: Bulgarian Socialist Party / BSP (BG)
Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria / GERB (BG)

If you want to add the 2 biggest party of the Netherlands they are:
Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie / VVD (NL) (This is the liberal party)
Partij van de Arbeid / PvdA (NL) (This is the socialist party)

It would be great to limit the parties via the country file. Is there any way to do or mod this?