[MOD] Danou's Rebalance Mod

Hello everyone!

[size=130]This Mod rebalances the existing vanilla modules and weapons for the GSB2 base content.[/size]

Unfortunately this kind of mod cannot be handled by the Game’s Mod Browser, but installation was kept as easy as possible. Only 1 game file is concerned, thus only 1 file needs a backup.

Main aims:

The Zipped Download File contains a readme file which lists all changes!

Feedback desired:

Use this thread to post your comments. If you want to help to improve this Mod, please take the time to play it before posting.
There is a list with ‘planned changes’ at the bottom of this post. You can share your thoughts if you want.

Download Link:

Version 0.15 (2015-09-24): [size=120]Download[/size]

‘forgotten graphics’ (copyright by Positech) applied to modules and weapons!

Changes from v0.14 to v0.15:

  • Cruiser Pulse Cannons (all 3 variants):

Armor Penetration down from 19 to 8, Sledgehammer from 20 to 9
Shield/Armor/Hull DPS approx.: 8/3/10 (previously 8/4/4)

  • Cruiser Pulse Laser (heavy variant got very similar changes):

Armor Penetration down from 15 to 8
Shield/Armor/Hull DPS approx.: 5/5/10 (previously 5/7/10)

  • Frigate Zyrtary Pulse Laser:

Everything reverted to standard
Shield/Armor/Hull DPS approx.: 14/14/28 (previously 14/20/28)

  • Frigate Pulse Laser: Shield/Armor/Hull DPS approx.: 10/4/14 (previously 10/7/7)
  • Cruiser Medium Shields: Strength down from 180 to 175.
  • Damage for Beams with medium Armor Penetration slighly reduced.
  • Damage for Beams with high and very high Armor Penetration slighly more reduced.

Planned changes for next version:

I’ve been thinking about the pulse cannon and how it could be adjusted to be powerful but in fewer situations.

The cruiser laser in GSB1 did lots of damage per second to shields and hull but couldn’t penetrate armor and had short range.

I liked this because the two layers that it could damage were not next to each other, so some coordination was needed to avoid wasted shots. The short range but high power made the weapons riskier to use. Short-range battles were much more interesting and potentially desirable because of this design.

I wonder if the pulse weapons could fill that role.

Cruiser Pulse Cannons
I like the idea, armor is anyway going down to easily now! But I prefer not making the range shorter though. Short ranged weapons are something for frigates… (I did mod the Frigate Pulse Laser for this very reason!)

Cruiser Pulse Cannon: current mod value; proposed mod value
AP (Armor Penetration): 19; 8
Shield/Armor/Hull DPS (approx.): 8/4/4; 8/3/10
Max/Min Range: 800/200; no change

For cruisers and dreadnoughts, an Armor Resistance of 8 can usually be achieved by 2 Light Armor Plates or 1 Hyper-Vanadium Plate. Some hulls require 2 Standard Cruiser Plates. For frigates and destroyers it depends, but it requires an average of 3 Medium Plates.

Cruiser Pulse Lasers (not Cannons)
Concerning the Pulse Lasers (unlike the Cannons, they don’t penetrate Cruiser Heavy Shields), I think we should also lower their AP to 8. It is currently at 15 (17 for the Heavy variant).

Standard Cruiser Pulse Laser: current mod value; proposed mod value
AP (Armor Penetration): 15; 8
Shield/Armor/Hull DPS (approx.): 5/7/10; 5/5/10
Max/Min Range: 800/200; no change

Frigate Pulse Laser
The Frigate Pulse Laser has this short-ranged aspect you propose (in my mod). I also consider lowering the Armor damage and increasing Hull damage.

Frigate Pulse Laser: current mod value; proposed mod value
AP (Armor Penetration): 8; no change
SP (Shield Penetration): 23; no change
Shield/Armor/Hull DPS (approx.): 10/7/7; 10/4/14
Max/Min Range: 550/100; no change

That looks pretty good to me. Missiles have 50% more range so they should still be relevant. This combined with the better piercing on the Frigate beam lasers might help make Frigates useful again. When the changes come through I’ll do some testing to see if short range, speedy frigates are viable. The way it looks now for Frigates is:

Vs Armor and Hull: Beam Lasers
Vs Hull and shields: Pulse Lasers
Vs Shield and Armor: Plasma Cannons

Looking forward to seeing if this mod can give Frigates their old role as fragile but dangerous damage dealers like in GSB1.

To me too :slight_smile: I didn’t do much testing with this new changes though.

I think they should stay relevant yes.

Yes, it would be nice if we had the possibility to use them in that way.


I’m just trying to balance modules and weapons :slight_smile: I’m not trying to reproduce the same balancing like in GSB1 (which was very good imo). But I am quite interested to hear what you found out. I think I will release version 0.15 very soon (maybe today).

On another topic, I’m wondering if fighter/gunship beams are to powerful with my mod, because I increased Damage and Armor Penetration. Theoretically they could shred most unshielded frigates easily apart, now that they have an Armor Penetration of 12 for the fighter variants and 15 for the gunship variant (default was 8 and 10).
I think I will just release this new version (0.15) and see how it goes, but this is how this new concern could be adressed:

  1. Restore Armor Penetration of fighter/gunship Beams to default
  2. Slightly increase Damage Absorbable for all frigate/destroyer Armor Plates (this also incerases the average armor, which I usually call ‘armor resistance’)
  3. Do nothing and leave that job for dedicated anti-fighter ships

Unshielded frigates are pretty much supposed to be wet paper bags, as opposed to shielded frigates which are dry paper bags. I’d say don’t worry about adjusting the fighter beams until we have a chance to test things out. I’d be happy to exchange challenges with you to test the new balance.