[Mod] Democracy in Decay, Russia & China

This mod introduces a new policy: Electoral Fraud, which can be used to remain in power though poor opinion numbers. However, it typically lead to two new situations: Civil Rights Protests and Corruption. To make things more difficult, policies useful to strike down Civil Rights Protests can make Corruption worse, and anti-corruption policies increase the number of Liberals, and thereby the Civil Rights Protests.

Some balancing has been done. Liberals now care about few things except civil rights. Conservatives are harder to please.

Also included are two new nations: Russia and China. Version 0.1.

Version 1.10 updates:

  • Name changed from Decline of Democracy to Democracy in Decay
  • Police Brutality situation added.
  • Less national debt for Russia and China.
  • Various balancing.
    Moddecay.rar (728 KB)
    Moddecline.rar (728 KB)

This is pretty damn awesome! I never thought we would be able to play an actual China campaign on this game and you came and did it! hahaha


This is a concept I have been hoping to see in a mod for a long time. :slight_smile:

I have had many problems getting this mod to work. For the best interests of this mod it needs technical fixs

At first it wasn’t appearing because the “moddecline” name was not recognized so I had to change that
Then Russia and China did not work because the titles in the name scripts were at first incorrect so I fixed them

Then I discovered that all missions were crashing on the second turn regardless of what was happening.

I tried many things to fix this but eventually I screwed up the mod that Democracy 3 would not open with the presence of the folder.

Now I am downloading the mod again.

No still not working, I can’t find the problem

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I meant to reply sooner, but this is what I find,

The initial policies have a fairly hand and hand effect with sizable pros and weaknesses creating a somewhat realistic situation on how a party starts to monopolize authority or maintains it.

On the other hand the China scenario needs some work as far as what their maximum revenue and deficit rates can be, as it is now having a balanced budget is near impossible without making severe cuts to the military and the police state.

I should try Russia a few more times before I give a verdict.

Version 1.10 uploaded, with significant changes.

When I try to make a turn on Russia or China, D3 closes.

As it stands I think China should have less of a deficit but the situation is workable now where creating a surplus is a possibility

The Steam Workshop has an expansion named Axis of Evil, which builds on the policies of Extremism.

Mostly offline for a coming week, I am sketching on an upgrade, with the opportunity to detain specific political opponents.

If you prefer to play this Mod from Gikgik
with Russian names displayed correctely
please follow this link:

MOD / ADD russian names , nordic names

Russian names, Ukrain, Polish, Czech, Slavic names
Русские имена.
Русский мужчины и женщины имя.

This mod isn’t recognised by the game? And is China and Russia countries supposed to be included in this mod too? I don’t see them even after adding this mod to the game folder :frowning_face: