[Mod] Dictatorship Mod

I made a Mod for those that are annoyed by elections. It is a new policy called “Dictatorship” that gives a bonus to everyone’s happyness so winning the elections is easier.

I’m having some trouble creating a good looking icon… They always look blurry in-game and I have no idea why. Any suggestions?

copy the “data” and “Dictatorship Mod” folders to the install folder of the game.
delete the “Dictatorship Mod” folder and the “Dictatorship Mod.txt” from the “Democracy 3/data/mods” folder.
Dictatorship Mod.rar (9.25 KB)

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Consider adding a Weighted Vote policy. That would increase the value of rich voters, and decrease the value of poor voters and ethnic minorities.

Also a Voting Age policy, obviously decreasing the weight of young voters.

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Currently experiencing with a similar mod, which gives some drawbacks.

Electoral Fraud: 4 quarters to be implemented.

  • Increases everyone’s happiness, barely allowing 100% approval.
  • Angers Liberals and Trade Unionists severely, and ruins Foreign Relations.

Slider levels: Nearly Fair, Gerrymandering, Disappearing Ballots, Opposition Outlawed and Totalitarian.

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To balance the opportunity to do election fraud, I am experimenting with a new situation: Democracy Protests.

Democracy Protests are caused by disgruntled Liberals, especially by Election Fraud. They can be struck down by Tasers, Curfews, Intelligence Service, Death Penalty and Detention Without Trial. They create Traffic Congestion, and damage Foreign Relations.

So, a player who wants to rig elections, must also spend a lot on a repressive legal system.

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