[MOD] Dinosaurs (WIP)

Recently I find a website with many dinosaur toy images

dinosaur-toys-collectors-gui … index.html

Now what’s special is that some of them have overhead views, which means…

Yes a dino mod.

Hmm… until we see the sprites animated, i think this is not going to be a good mod -.- but it is almost curious xD.

screw penguin army and bear cavalry, i want laser blasting space dinosaurs!!!

i like it, very creative :smiley:


Anyways, pretty fun idea :smiley:

Fire breathing, or lasers/rockets strapped to their backs? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just thought it be funny to have zombies vs dinosaurs. Unfortunately yeah I can’t make them animated.

Yeah agreed that would be cool! how about jet leg replacements and engine tails? :smiley:

I was thinking lol. Y dont u try to make a sprite glow that its the same sprite in opossite side so in-game it looks like the dino moving the head right-left and the tail right-left LOL??? well its just an idea, i dont think the final result will be … erm well but who knows.

What about modify tractor beams? :wink: