[MOD] equipments.data "colorTween"

was playing with these files and am not sure what “colorTween”: does (for the 8 machines that have the entry)

Believe it has to do with the lightness/darkness of the color of the output ingredient and/or the graphics in-machine during processing but can’t tell for sure.
Anyone know?

“id”:“evaporator”, “colorTween”:[0.6,0.9]
“id”:“dissolver”, “colorTween”:[0.6,0.8]
“id”:“autoclave”, “colorTween”:[0.25,0.75]
“id”:“cooler”, “colorTween”:[0.3,0.9]
“id”:“sequencer”, “colorTween”:[0.3,0.7]
“id”:“centrifuge”, “colorTween”:[0.45,0.7]
“id”:“cream_maker”, “colorTween”:[0.5,0.7]
“id”:“multimixer”, “colorTween”:[0.5,0.7]

My guess is the two numbers represent Hue and Luminosity, although the fact that they are both <1 kinda throws a spanner into that theory… unless they are “percentage of change in…” whatever stat they are changing?

They are the times during the machine animation that the color is tweened. The colors are all generated to match the input/output drugs.

0 is the beginning of the animation where as 1 is the end of the animation. IE It’s a % through the animation rather than in seconds.