Mod/Expansion Idea: Playing in historical scenarios?


I recently noticed that a lot of the maps that I play have a very similar situation, and this applies to a lot of the modded additions too. It seems that everyone more or less have the same setting when you get elected, namely that you are asked to either solve a recession. For most countries, GDP is low and the deficit is high when you come start a game, and you basically end up trying to solve these problems regardless of the country you play.

So I was wondering if it would be possible to have a mod, or perhaps an expansion pack, that includes specific historical scenarios to start the game in?

For instance, on example can be the end of the Second World War, where you come in after you won/lost the war with a massive amount of government debt, miserable poverty, and basically every problem imaginable. It might be even possible to introduce something like the Marshal Plan as a random event during the middle of a game, even if foreign policy is a very small part of the whole experience. If you play Britain in this situation, historically you would introduce the welfare state while your deficit skyrockets. The alternative of not doing that might be a more extreme form of class warfare.

Do you think this is possible?


These would be great. I wanted to make historical Ireland scenarios for Democracy 2 but lack of knowledge got in the way. A fairly interesting one would be the first space colony has been built and you have to build up its society and stuff from scratch.


Yeah, exactly, you have posted the informative post. It really helped me ahead.


I support this. Very nice idea.

But it would also be very important to balance the game by using history. For example, the concept of “worker shortage” can be completely alien to us at this time. However, it doesn’t appear in the gam even though high GDP and full-employement can be achieved in-game.


There is a skills shortage situation, triggered by high levels of technology and low levels of immigration and education, as I recall.


Yes there is. I got it in Democracy 2 a number of times.


I have one mod for Labor Shortage, and one for Electoral Fraud. Soon to be uploaded.


I wonder about the Roman Republic, terms are one year, no term limits, certain policies are impossible (mostly environmental stuff), environmentalists aren’t a thing, science policies must be added at high political cost, most policies have a higher delay, evolution vs. creation wouldn’t be an issue, school would be much smaller by default, instead, slavery and infanticide are major issues, as is the degree of religious allegiance to the Roman gods required by the state and the degree to which the death penalty is used. Additionally, it is difficult, and will not earn you support, but it is possible to give yourself more and more power at the cost of immense amounts of political capital and support.

One final point, only certain members of the elite can vote. Socialism would be quite tough to implement successfully, as if the rich want you out, you’re out by next year. The voting population is therefore limited to a few thousand in a civilization of several tens of millions.

Also, racial tension would be less noticeable since the concept of race hadn’t been invented yet.

Oh yeah, and instead of a space program, you have naval and over-land exploration for that.