[Mod Expansion] Uni-T mod Expansion: Hybrids

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This mod is designed to work with darkstar076’s amazing Uni-T mod!

The Hybrid mod is expanding! This mod will soon be an official expansion pack to the Uni-T/Union mod!

The mission of this mod is to add a little variety to the true 'Ships" of the Uni-T. sure, drones are cool, but they only have 2 unique ships! Enter: The Peregrine, Blackbird, and the Zephyrus! three unique ships for the collective!

Introducing the Jackal Frigate to the right and the Kestrel Frigate to the left!

V1.4 is out! Introducing the versatile Raven Frigate and the fragile but expendable Striker “Warhead” Frigate!

I would post a pic of them… but I am running out of space in my main post! DL the mod to see them!

Download v.1.4 now!

The next mutant creation spawned from the Uni-T-Federation Hybrid shipyard: The Zephyrus!

To be honest, more firepower is the last thing the Uni-T needs. Why can’t the core races get some superships?

The Peregrine hull is an intriguing design. Thanks for sharing it with us, Xeranes!

Already in progress, albeit not as attractive as what’s seen here. That’s the only hint I can give right now.

Dark is currently at work re-skinning them to fit the Uni-T color scheme… will update when they are finished!

Done . . I have created two versions, i will leave it up to you to decide which one you want to use.
(I have also fixed the blurry problem while i was changing the colour scheme)

Yeah, i know Qwepir, i am working on it:
One option was to give the other races more firepower (ie the old BigGunz mod), but that just becomes an arms race
So i am working on nerfing the modules in Uni-T so it all balances out.


::Edit:: Balance is complete - Thanks to everyone who helped me :slight_smile:

Updated to Version 1.1!

I know I’ve stated this before, but another thing that could help bring the UniT down to the others level would be to nerf the drones somehow. Even with regular unmodified modules they can go one-to-one with a frigate and win.

Qwepir, if your interested, I have posted a reply over here - since it is slightly off topic:

Released a new hull, check it out in the second post!

Very pretty ships, although they are somewhat overpowered. And what’s up with the huge power budget? With output that high it’s like you don’t need to use generators at all.

Great work, but needs balancing. :slight_smile:

Reduced power output of all ships, reduced cost of Zephyrus, and increased other costs.

V1.2 is out! and it is only 1 download now!

Also, the Uni-T is inherently OP, currently being fixed by darkstar!

Yeap, i take full blame for the Over Powered nature of Uni-T ^.^;
Hopefully the next patch will fix the balance issues.

I’m really hoping that xeranes can craft enough custom hulls for the Uni-T so that you don’t have to use corrupted ones; i just feel that it’s a little bit cheap to basically be tossing in reskins of all of the stock stuff :confused:

Funny you should mention that, Xeranes and i were talking about the same thing earlier.
(those reskins were not cheap time wise, especially the glowy bits ! . . but i know what you mean)

I already have a few new cruisers and frigates in the works but they will not be released until i have finished my work on the Union Mod.
There is a screen shot of two of the new cruisers here:
If i look over my todo list, this mod is far from complete :confused:

I actually haven’t tried Uni-T yet, I edited the files for these three ships to give them to the federation so I could try them out. :slight_smile:

I will have to try the whole mod later tonight.

New frigates are coming soon!

Sorry if I am making hulls too fast! =P I have nothing to do ATM!

No such thing as too many pretty hulls. :slight_smile:

New Hulls out!

I haven’t downloaded yet but the screenshot looks great. The only thing I wonder is if you could somehow work in a little bit of that purple/pink color on the frigates, to make them match the cruisers a little more? It doesn’t have to be extreme or anything, I was thinking just a couple of running lights or something. Just a thought.

Anyway, downloading now. :slight_smile: