[Mod] Farscape ships (Peacekeeper, Scarran, Leviathan)

What do you like/dislike about this mod

  • I dont like the models
  • I dont like the modules
  • I dont like the hulls
  • I like most of the things
  • I dont like most of the things

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The main ships from the tv show Farscape. Yea thats all :smiley:
All models are GSB view (top), Red shield (defence screen), Talyns cannon is a rotating turret.
.DDS files are good res around 856x856 (lola is low res but its a small ship)
mediafire.com/?klbqhccdcbwy0m6 you might need http://www.7-zip.org/ to extract archive.
Note: The prowler is a frigate hull because it laggs and crashes the game as a fighter for some reason. You are free to modify it if you want to try and make it a fighter (share if succsesfull pls).
Update: I fixed some of the white outline (meaning the pictures are abit outdated but still the stuff are very similar)

“i like most of stuff here”…

…but if you want to rise the number of people who like this mod, you should start to make some modules, weapons, delete and correct the white edges of the hulls, add engine glows, and more than anything, try to rise the visual quality of everything. That is just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. This is a very good start; Farscape has enough depth to provide a lot of module ideas (Peacekeeper Frag Cannons, anyone?) and plenty of ship selection as well. No reason to stop now, before you’ve reached your full potential!

You’ve got the Prowler set up as a frigate, whereas it should be behaving more like a fighter.