[Mod] Farscape ships (updated & improved)

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  • Bad module placement (yea but all cannons are ok)
  • Bad models
  • Bad modules
  • Bad module pictures
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Theese are some of thw ships from the tv show Farscape. Moya, Talyn, Lola, Peacekeeper carier, Prowler
Moya and Talyn have new sprites. Talyn’s isnt perfect top shot, but it looks pretty good.
Moya’s model is a picture of a physical model and its perfect top shot, the model itself is very good.
Some minor module changes. I havent changed the module placement from the origanal sprites,
meaning that the placement will look odd (i repositioned Talyns cannon ofcourse) too lazy for the rest :D.
gamefront.com/files/20771359 … update.zip

UPDATE: Done, i believe the runtime errors are not caused by gsb or anything related to it. In 2 worlds no idea.
However this update should work but due to my runtime errors i cant post screenshots.

ALL MODELS ARE TOP VIEW NOW < Talyns cannon is mobile/spinnable so sometimes if its like at 90* it will looks abit odd.

Enjoy, comment, vote.

Hmmm, it looks good as screenshots, but i think that it will look bad when playing it, you need to find upper view pictures of the ships.

Hmm, as far as i would like a farscape mod, the perspective in this game NEVER fits. So, your work is great, but i really dont like playing with ships on perspective. I will never feel the “sensation” of having a ship flying in space attacking another ships… i dunno if u understand wat i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

The ship that has the top down view works really well the others as preators & nemesis said would anoy anyone who played!

There are almost no models from top. Moya is from top. Talyn, well almost, command carrier… either cartoon carrier or current state. Lo’la, upside down, half the ship and no ship at all pictures. I maybe remember 1 moment that will give a topshot at lola gonna check it. Top view for command carrier 100% quarantied, remembared a game countaining a good model.

If i had the time, i could even design on sketchup (or just search in the 3d gallery, but i think there are no farscape models) models of the other ships, so i can get a top view. But my hands are full, but thats the only way to get good top sprites. I really will love to see the peackeeper command cruiser in a top view.

New models are now in, but i get a runtime error every time i try to open a hull. The new models should be online in a couple of days. New ship: Scaran Dreadnought

The leviathan looks great but then the command carrier, nope it should all be top down instead more or less vertical. It also looks way too huge not to say command carriers hold 10000’s of thousands of peace keepers but it barely seems to fit the screen.

I clicked on the download link and it took me to wherever it was and said it couldn’t find the file.

Please note that this mod’s thread has had zero forum activity for nearly 10-1/2 months. As a consequence of no further feature additions / publicity / forum activity by the mod’s creator (rad96), nobody’s been downloading his mod in quite some time.

I say this with a fair degree of confidence because six days ago, GameFront put this new policy into effect regarding file storage. Looks like this mod ran afoul of that obstacle. Other GSB mod-makers who relied exclusively upon GameFront to host their mod’s files – and who haven’t seen anyone download at least one copy in the past 60 days – likely just suffered the same fate…

meurig3d.co.uk/gallery/index … cape/Talyn

This guy modeled Talyn, email him. It may even be listed at Foundation 3D’s forum resource page.

Oh yeah, tons of Farscape stuff.

foundation3d.com/index.php?c … tionid=373

Sometimes the guys will even do the top downs for you. All you can do is ask, or download the Lightwave (IIRC) demo and do your own top downs.


Dang Gravediggin…