[MOD] Farscape

This is a preview.
Moya and Talyn, fully done exept Moya’s model. I need to download the 576p version this is only from a 352p of farscape
There will also be two choises of models for Moya.
But i gess some will like more the one from aft to forward rather the “nearly” top one which is the lower res.
I don’t know which one i’l like more after the upgrades to higher res.
Talyn looks perfect :slight_smile:
also making:
Peacekeeper command carrier (found a good image on google)
Peacekeeper Prowler (If i find a good view image, i probably will)
Lo’La - Da’rgo’s ship ( 1st episode where its shown is perfect)
Time to completion: Due to download speed about 1 mounth probabablly less.
moya model 2.zip (6.36 KB)
Talyn&Moya.zip (53.3 KB)