[MOD] Federation Leopard Heavy Fighter

Welcome to Frank’s Custom Spaceship Dealership!

Have we got a deal for you!

Take the Federation’s Leopard Fighter, sure they’re nice, 2 Weapon hardpoints and 2 Standard hardpoint, but they’re vanilla, they’re PLAIN, they’re manufactured by unloving droids on some far off moon by the millions.

Don’t you want to stand out in the crowd?

Well then, good sir, let me introduce you to the Federation’s Leopard HEAVY Fighter! That’s right, we start with a normal fighter (got a bunch of these babies cheap due to a factory over-run on Gevholi 6), and we’ve modified them WAAAAAAAAY past what any spaceship engineer eggheads will say is “safe.” What do they know? They sure as heck don’t understand what the true spaceship connoisseur likes!

So a lil’ banging out the metal here and there and a little bit of space weld on the seems, and we’ve been able to fit 1 more Weapon hardpoint & 1 more Standard hardpoint onto the chassis, for a total of 3 each!

That’s not all, my buddy Rico, he’s a grade AAA mechanic, he’s been able to supercharge the standard powerplant on this baby, increasing the default power from 3 units to 5 units!

Not bad eh?

Well, just a few negatives, I mean they’re not real negatives, but by law i need to tell ya, that the Speed bonus from this hull has dropped from 0.12 to 0.08, probably due to those “enhancements” we made, and the price is a lil’ more than your standard boring fighter (55 vs. 35) but we have excellent loans available, just talk to my cousin JoJo in financing around back!

Installation instructions:

Copy the following into a txt file and name it “Federation Leopard Heavy Fighter.txt” and stick it into your “GSB/data/hulls/federation” directory!

classname = fighter
name = Federation Leopard Heavy Fighter
guiname = Federation Leopard Heavy Fighter Hull
sprite = Federation Leopard Fighter.dds
damagetexture = Federation Leopard Fighter_damaged.dds
hulktexture = federation_hulks.dds
hulkUVstart = 8
hulkUVend = 11
width = 12
height = 12
powerproduced = 5
cost = 55
racename = federation


0 = 36,228,170,2,1
1 = 219,228,170,2,0

0 = 74,246,40,600,1.5,4
1 = 182,246,40,600,1.5,4

0 = 111.50,222.00,1,1,86.00,198.00,137.00,246.00,SHIP_EMMITER_SMALL,
1 = 128.00,144.00,0,0,
2 = 132.50,59.00,1,1,112.00,23.00,153.00,95.00,SHIP_EMMITER_SMALL,

0 = 96.00,39.00,TURRET,
1 = 160.00,39.00,TURRET,
2 = 128.00,66.00,TURRET,
3 = 128.00,170.00,STANDARD,
4 = 75.00,223.00,STANDARD,
5 = 181.00,223.00,STANDARD,

0 = 0,128,128,EXP_STARTBREAKUP
3 = 0,128,128,EXP_BLASTGLARE

you know, usually i’d take any mod i see, but… I heard Rico was a criminal. :wink: So i’m not sure i can trust that powerplant to not blow my pilots up. Have a nice day with other customers! :smiley: Gets out of store Whew, that was a close one. What a piece of junk…


just kidding. It’s awesome!