Mod for Patents

I like the Patents system, but the drug is only protected if it has the exact same side effects. Protecting only pill and not protecting cream is ok, but needing to have the exact same side effects as well?
It should protect if it threats the same disease and that’s it. Specially because having a patent doesn’t mean you can do whatever. You still can’t charge whatever you want, the demand is low and the patent will be over eventually. So patent system should cover more.

I created a drug to threat schizophrenia and I have 3 patents, to cover pill, cream and injection. Still have 3 other competidor selling that, just because they have side effects and I don’t have any side effects. The patients don’t seem to care as my drug is S on cure rating, same price and their drug is D and E, still I only get 50% of market. I spent $750.000 on patents, that should have been enough, but not only made no effect, also probably cost me more than I would ever get back.