[MOD]France/French 2017

France 2017

  • VAT (rate of 21% for a product of 140 billion)
  • Income tax (rate of 29% for a product of 80 billion)
    -Taxe foncière (rate of 39% for a product of 25 billion)
    -Housing tax (rate of 23% for a product of 20 billion)
  • More realistic revision of the national education budget (Public School and University)
  • More realistic revision of the health budget.
  • More realistic revision of unemployment benefits.
  • More realistic revision of housing allowances.
  • More realistic revision of family allowances.
  • More realistic revision of pensions.
  • A more realistic revision of the defense budget.
  • More realistic budget revision of the interior.
  • More realistic revision of railway subsidies.
  • More realistic revision of research grants.

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I did something very similar with Canada since I live there.

Honestly, I take issue with the fact that most countries in default Democracy3 have almost nothing different between them and are almost all statistically very wrong.

What I am impressed with is that by setting the numbers to actual real world 2016 numbers, I achieved almost exactly the same deficit as real life.

I then had to add in biases to remove the roaming violent gangs and such (because we don’t have them here despite not having 36m police officers) and add biases for drug addiction and real estate bubble.

Unfortunately, this fails to address the fact that these have underlying issues that can be solved and underlying factors that can change over time.

In reality, Violence should be a factor in all violent and antisocial behavior. It itself has numerous inputs.
In reality, foreign money laundering through our country is related to our Real Estate Bubble more than Immigration, and that has to do with private shell corporations.
In reality, our health care system is uniquely inefficient because of proximity to the US and their corruption, and because of poor tech application to health care.

I would like to be able to make the webs of intricacies more intricate.