[MOD]Galactic Civilizations 2:Twilight of the Arnor

It’s going to take a long time, but I will try to do it as fast as I can.
I plan to make Tiny/Small for fighters, Small/Medium/Cargo for frigates and Cargo/Large/Huge for cruisers.
I will update this when I make any progress.
Things done:

Things to do:
Altarian hulls -Coding
Krynn hulls
Human hulls
Torian hulls
Thalan hulls
Dread Lords hulls/Arnor hulls
Add some modules
Some scenarios
Terror stars???

nice,i always liked the things you can do in that game but i never really liked turn based systems
this will take it to a whole new level for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Sample test
Altarian Survey ships

Altarian Starfury Fighters

pretty :slight_smile:
do you have any easy way to take the models from GC2 and convert them into sprites for GSB?
i have a few concepts for spaceships floating around in my head for few years and since i have no skills for modelling or computer art…

might draw some stuff up and send it to you if you`re interested,then you might try to assemble them from the components or something

The only way that I know for doing this is taking a screenshot and then removing the background and covert it to dds. Sorry :frowning:

the way I make mods like these are just to copy the files of the ships from another game, convert it into .dds, change size if necessary, then make a hull .txt file and stuff like that. Easy as… umm… firing your weapon in call of duty :slight_smile:

well legion atleast thats easier than drawing them up manually :smiley:
gimme a shout if you want some concepts drawn up,i could do em next weekend or something…
meanwhile i`ll stay tuned for more eyecandy in this thread ^^

Ahhhhhh yes. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m already too far in the deep end of that particular pool! When you can’t find more than one example of a high-quality top-down view of a particular ship graphic on the entire web, but it badly needs tweaks in a few key areas in order to successfully have an alpha channel created…oh the pain. There’s a reason that it takes me forever to get anything done. I hate “half-assing” things.

as i said before elsewhere,doesnt need to be fast,as long as it gets done and its worth the wait :stuck_out_tongue:
if theres one thing that i hate,its awesome mods that never get finished

An Excalibur with 2 Overlords, Survey ships and Corvettes

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! GC2 has infinite possibilities with all the extras! It will literally take you forever to do this, if you plan to do ALL the vessels. However. Terran vessels would be a cool addition to the federation.

Man… by lurking around here, you would find that by now almost every one of those early veteran guys except Archduke Astro or Darkstar are innactive! And the topic itself got abandoned almost 2 YEARS AGO? Someone is going to kill you for this necro, i already said this to someone, be careful with what you do, dont post everything that passes through yout mind -.-

EDIT: In the other side, pretty nice looking ships, why i’ve never heard about Galactic Civilizations 2? o.o

I forgot necros. A while ago I was on a forum which did not care about necros… I MUST remember… 2 months or older, leave it be.

You are being overly melodramatic Praetors

As a general rule, Necros are fine so long as your adding something of value.
For example if Tangle planed to continue to develop this mod.

However if your necro’ing posts for just to post a comment about the mod - then i would point you to what Praetors said

this mod has potential but how could you make the weapon module placements since in the game you can place weapons anywhere and if that is the case this can be the most overpowered mod to exist O_O