[MOD] Galactic Concordium

Ver. 1.3 (Last update 16/11/2010)

Changes in this version:

Fixed some issues on deployment files.
Massive balance update.

This mod works on 1.47 version or higher - and u need the tribe, order and swarm expansion packs.

The mod is a new Race called “The Galactic Concordium”, featuring diverse type of ships for different purposes, advanced modules, long range weapons, advanced hulls and a lot of stuff.
Is a strong race, this means the campaign maps are hard, once u reach the mid-final scenarios. The ship costs are high, because the base power produced of the ships is higher than usual (impossible to maintan the “ridiculous” power produced in a cruiser, since there is a lot of weapons and stuff to work around and i will be making a lot of weapons to cost almost the same ammount of power).

U know, unrar all the contents to the GSB directory overwritting files and play!

Wat u will find in this mod:
A new race with 14 cruisers, 9 frigates and 6 fighters.
11 scenarios and 1 survival mode.
Original sounds, and new module designs. New weapons.
80% balance workaround. (I think it is not 100% balanced, but achieving a total balance update is going to take more deeper updates and more tests).

Done by far:
11 scenarios
1 survival mode
Added theme music and customized sounds of course.
New weapons, new modules and new modified old modules.
14 cruisers, 9 frigates, 6 fighters.

To Do:
¿More balance updates?
Maybe redesign some turrets sprites… but i dunno. -.-


Those are some beautiful looking ships!

That is some sweet looking ships and weapons graphics.
I cant wait to try the Retroactive shotgun :slight_smile:

lol, dont expect too much, the shotgun is just a modification of the quantum blaster, i modified the speed, size and some effects to convert it to a shotgun. But i must say the final result is very good :wink:

BTW someone knows if there is a script / variable reference for modding in GSB??

For mass module editing I use various perl scripts . .
As for a guide, throughout the forum there are several threads that have information about module editing . .

Let us know when this mod goes public! The Concordium looks quite impressive. I look forward to seeing how its actual performance and balance works out. The balancing is especially important.

Well, dont expect a good balance, we all know its hard to get a good balance betwenn old races and the new modded ones, specially if u want to make a bit more powerful modules.

But as i said in the main post i tried to increase the cost of the ships, so even if Galactic Concordium is a bit overpowered, u can only use only a pack of ships in the battles (cruisers) and the cost of the specific modules is also very high, so for example, a mid-powered cruiser of the Concordium should be cost about 12000-15000. Keep in mind, that the weight of the modules are higher too, so the final hit points ammount of the ship can be around 7000. On the most powerful ships, u can build a cruiser (for example, the BioExodus class) that once finished cost 35000 (with all the advanced/specific modules) and has 14000 hitpoints. The basic cost of a cruiser is about 1000 (against about 300 of the old races).

But i think this is the only way to keep the balance at all, cuz if u want to make different/more powerful/effective weapons or modules u cant make another race with the same stats than the older ones. A lot of modules / weapons will be almost the same, only changing on the texture result.

Once i post the link, suggestions are welcome to keep this type-balance. But keep in mind that the base of this theme race is the powerful weapons/modules against the high cost of the modules/ships.
BTW, i forgot to retexture some parts of some ships, the link will be delayed a bit :wink:

Those backgrounds are awesome. I’ve been trying to find decent backgrounds of my own to put in the game. Where did you get yours from?

Btw, the ships are pretty awesome too.

Some of em, googling a bit searching for panoramic images larger than 1600, others directly from the NASA webpage ^^ and satellite ones. I still have some on reserve :wink: . The first thing to look at is that even if the image is not big (more than 1600x1200) still it can be look good on the game, u need to test it. But almost 98% of the images i used are bigger than 1600.

PD.: BTW the bad thing is for the next mod, i dont have enough different backgrounds :wink:

im sure you can re-use some,they look crispy :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i have bad news. Due to the recent update, allowing bigger ships, but that i cant get to install, i decided to stop modding for now till i can install the 1.47 update (without success till now). I have the steam version of GSB so, i dont know if its even possible to install 1.47, cuz Cliff made self-alone the patch file (and steam will never update the game). So till i discover some way to install the 1.47 the modding for GSB is ended for now. I hope in a few days i can say at last i installed the 1.47 patch.

i believe someone said earlier that you can apply the normal patch,provided you change the path accordingly (or copy the files over manually,whatever)

and as i am a well-known steam hater…
does a double facepalm and giggles uncontrollably

¿Wat u mean “normal” patch?? Yup, THATS THE PROBLEM, i dont have the patch file, and i dont know how to get it, cuz i cant get it through steam or other way, so, again im stucked -.-.

BTW i have other problem that i posted in other threat, and cant advance anyways -.-

when i installed your mod i become unable to go the the unlock screen and therefore unable to unlock your ships :frowning:

Have u sure the federation.txt file on the GSB/data/races directory is replaced with the one in the mod??

ok i got to the unlock screen but i half the new modules are white boxes

Maybe u forgot to copy the data folder of the mod (not the one inside the Galactic Concordium folder, just the one outside) to the GSB directory.
Those white boxes i presume are from the module bitmaps that need to be placed on the GSB/data/bitmaps/modules. U need to replace that directory for the one inside the data/bitmaps directory of the mod, addint the new bitmap modules. But be careful, if u dont know exactly wat u doint, make a backup first of the original files!!

hello, im getting an error message when i try your first scenario “Error-Fmodfailed to create Streamfile not found:…\src\GUI_Sounds.ccp661” i uninstalled all of my other mods so its diffenately something happening with yours.

this looks like a cool mod if i could just get it to work, please help by fixing your mod errors, thanks

The problem with the blank squares in the unlock screen is just a missname on the bitmaps folder of the mod, i named it “bitmap” and it should be “bitmaps” xD.

And about the sound error msg (it seems that its something with the sound), i dont know wat is the problem, the mod works perfect for me. And i deleted all the mods and all the settings (to start from beginning) and i dont get any sound error msg on the first scenario. I really dont have any idea.

Lets see if someone else can install this mod and tell us if he has the same problem.

PD.: are u sure u didnt delete the sounds folder of the game or u just replace the contents with the mod sounds folder by mistake?