[Mod] Gratuitous Naval Battles

Been working on this for 3 days. It’s a mod that turns GSB into GNB. Currently it’s a WIP and I’m not sure if I’ll release it but damn, it’s been very fun to make.

After 3 days of work I could finally have my first giant clusterfuck battle of all kinds of ships and planes. It was awesome.

Anyways, current hulls/ships/planes ingame:

Yamato (battleship, longest cannon range and damage, heavily armoured, has 4 AA guns. But it’s very slow and gets hit easily, is vulnerable to torpedo bombers, other battleships and the fletcher’s torpedo plus costs more than the PoW. )

Prince of Wales (battleship, cannon range, armour and damage are slightly lower than the Yamato. has 4 AA guns. But it’s very slow and gets hit easily, is vulnerable to torpedo bombers, other battleships and the fletcher’s torpedo )

Hood (battlecruiser, less armor than a battleship, but slightly faster and guns do slightly lower damage than the PoW. All-around good ship. Has two AA guns.)

Suffren (heavy cruiser, good versus destroyers thanks to good gun accuracy but bad against battleships/cruisers due to low armour and low speed (same as BB) which allows the inaccurate BB guns to hit it. Has one AA gun.)

Fletcher (destroyer, fastest ship and very hard to hit by battleships (but if a lucky shot hits, it can decimate the Fletcher due to very low armour). Can launch a long-range torpedo which does a large amount of damage, but is very inaccurate so it can’t hit anything but battleships. Guns are weak but accurate. No AA guns.)

A6M Zero (fighter, equipped with two 20mm cannons to be used against other aircraft)

IL-2 (bomber, launches both torpedoes (which do about the same damage as the cannon of the Suffren) and bombs which do about half the damage of the Suffren’s guns.)

As you can see, the ships have their own setups for realism. I’m planning to add atleast one more destroyer and a heavy cruiser, and more planes.

looks awesome, i hope you can release that as a major mod.

That’s awesome, what an amazing idea…I would love to have a play around with this.

Orkel, this mod is wonderful! :smiley: Thank you for putting so much work into it. It looks great.

My personal desire would be to adapt your existing GNB mod - with its current WW2 flavour - into a Great War combat engine. I’ve long wanted to reenact decisive and famous (or infamous) WW1 naval battles such as Coronel, the Falklands, the race of the Goeben, the Imperial Russian Black Sea ops against the Turk, and…of course…Jutland. Looks as if this is now possible. Thank you. :slight_smile: All I have to do now is figure out how the hell to create dds images for ship hulls, and likewise wonder where the hell I can scrounge up the free time I’d need for such an undertaking.:stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun reenacting the historic final battle of Prince of Wales and Repulse versus the Japanese…and you thought GSB’s fighters were overpowered munchkin units??? Muahahahaa… :smiley:

Thanks for the positive comments guys.

Added some more things:

Admiral Scheer (heavy cruiser, slightly better armoured than the Suffren and has 2 AA guns as opposed to Suffren’s 1. But it doesn’t have as much offensive power. Turrets do more damage than the Suffren’s but there are only two of them. Like the Suffren, it’s good against destroyers but is easily hit by larger calibre guns/torpedoes.) Uses the Yamato gun sprite as a placeholder until I mod in the red guns that it actually has.

(I’m starting to have a hard time finding good enough pictures to make the ships from, this one is less detailed than the first ones -_- If any of you know sites with detailed top down pictures of ships, please tell.)

F4F Wildcat (fighter, more durable than the Zero, but slightly slower. It uses 50cal guns that fire faster than the Zero’s 20mms but do less damage)

Looking awesome. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

chants softly

Release! Release! Release! We want this released! <_<

Still, awesome, awesome work. Please release this - I’d love to play it!! :frowning:

Maybe, maybe.

HMS Nelson.


Added destroyed turret sprites for all custom guns, finally.

Some examples.

Oh fucking great, 1.19 overrode turrets_rebel.dds. I have to make guns all over again.

Most excellent! Next mod amoebas in space!

I’ve been feverish for the past two days so haven’t been able to work on this much. Being ill sucks.

The new ship, light cruiser HMS Glorious above, and new gun sprites for the heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer below (plus made the hull look slightly better than before (refer to previous pic of scheer)). I made the light cruiser in a way that it is more powerful than a destroyer but can’t take on a heavy cruiser unless there are 2 or more.

Can’t wait for those carrier modules to be added. Then I’ll be able to put them in.

Remember to backup this time. :wink:

any update on how the mod’s doing? how much do you have left?

There’s not anything that’s missing, never had a list to add in the first place. Just putting some ships randomly. I haven’t been able to work on this much, been sick for the past week.

Release what you have then, please! This mod is so awesome, it musn’t die! :<

Do hope you get well soon, though. Health before wealth and all that :smiley:

what he said!

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This looks fabulous! Great work. My only criticism is that the KGV’s turret placement is incorrect, the B turret is a superfiring dual and the rear turret is a quad.


heh heh. just posted to get this post back to the top… anyway, release date? an estimate?