[MOD] Halo Mod [WIP]


Although i may be new to the modding ive been doing some tests , Im a HUGE halo fan and wondered why nobody has made one yet(or completed it) ,I have time on my hands to make this mod… Wish me luck on this and if anybody would want to help me in this then that would be Great!

And if anybody has any tips or tricks on modding that would also be fantastic , i will keep looking on the forums to learn more about the modding and will post updates of the halo mod…

Im currently using photoshop and testing it out also im having trouble in looking for pictures of the ships , again if anyone wants to help me that would be amazing

So far ive been getting s few ships together and ive been VERY successful , Now time to edit them and implement them into the game, I might be getting ahead of myself but by October im planning of finishing this mod . Dont worry halo fans im working hard on this one :slight_smile:



Fleet Admiral Olate
Logging on…

Its been a long war, Generations lost, Planets destroyed, but humanity never lost hope… We rebuilt, we recolonized , And now our greatest achievement of the UNSC Infinity, The bravery of the men and women who lost their lives in this war and made the ultimate sacrifice just so we can be here , standing on the ashes of the defeat and waving the flag of a new beginning. Yet still loyalists remain but will not stop us from prevailing like we always have


Unit List

Fighters- 3/4
Frigates- 3/7
Cruisers- 4/6+
colony ship - 1/2
UNSC infinity - 0/1


Mass driver “work in progress”(i cant implement the MAC because i dont know how to make “built in” hardpoints
Kamikaze AI (drone) “work in progress”


I wish you luck on your first mod for GSB - If you are stuck on any aspect of making your mod and can not find the answers you seek, remember that you can always post a question highlighting what is impeeding your progress. There are a number of veteran modders cruising through the forums which will be able to point you in the right direction

Indeed there are many tips and tricks to modding this game - the Modding 101 Thread is the best place to find them.

A few active modders also use GIMP so you can post any gimp related questions in your thread. As for sourcing the ships, hopefully some of the forum members can suggest a few sites. Other than that - you might just have to hit the google mines.

Anyways, Good Luck :slight_smile:

Thank you darkstar , Im going to need a lot of luck …

I was on google looking for some pictures of ships in a sky view but so far it looks like i have to do the designing myself but im looking at the tutorials for that

I hope this doesn’t die off i really want to bring something new to gratuitous modding

One option which you could use as a last resort is if you can find 3D versions of the ships in question, you could look at generating top down renders . .

Cant wait for this ! After im done whit my mod i can help u on some things downfall is that i don’t use gimp i use Photoshop

Halo mod sounds nice. Graphics are the easy part man. Scripting it all - that’s the true menace.

Your mileage may vary. Personally I find the graphics to be the toughest and most time-consuming part of modding. The coding is easy for me.

Purpleberry, I wish you good fortune, and don’t forget to use the forum and its posters as a resource. The Mod Squad is here to help.

Thanks for the support guys!

It seems im not the only halo fan on this forum :smiley:

I will be posting updates on this page such as designs for ships just to keep all of you up to date on the design part :slight_smile:

Firstly, purpleberry, welcome to Gratuitous Modding. :smiley: The Friendly Community Mod Squad is available to ask questions of. If nobody’s around at the time, please go ahead and consult the “Modding 101” stickied guide, and/or use the Search function at the top-right corner of this subforum. There’s an impressively huge gold-mine of helpful data on these forums – don’t hesitate to dig; it’s meant to be used! :wink:

Secondly, if you are indeed determined to begin serious work on a Halo mod, please re-title the subject line this thread accordingly – something like “[MOD] Halo mod [WIP]” is fine. Currently, this thread seems to be far more in the vein of simply gauging public interest than an actual thread devoted to a discrete mod project. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Once that is done, feel free to edit your first post in this thread to describe the exact scope of your mod, put up an eventual screenshot or two, and list an active download link for the modded content itself. Continue to update your first post as the mod grows and changes accordingly. Please do not make “bump!”-type posts every time you change a single turret or alter the firing interval of a single gun, etc. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s okay (indeed, it’s welcomed) to report on major progress, though.

Again, let us know if you have further questions. We’ll try to help you solve them, even though we won’t always necessarily solve them for you, if you take my meaning. Modding something is the best way to learn how this game actually runs, and there is indeed a lot of interesting as well as sometimes peculiar machinery “under the hood” of GSB. Don’t be scared off by that; we were all n00bz once. I wish you success!

No problem archduke and thank you :slight_smile:

im sure il run into a lot of problems but its probably nothing i cant handle or i can just look it up dont worry :slight_smile:

I’ve figured that so many ppl here helped me with scripting, it’s high time I help sb with graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

I made these out of screens from Halo Mod for Homeworld 2, a game with an old engine (which shows when you zoom close) and tweaked them here and there to be usable in gsb. Ships are 1024x1024 and fighters 512x512 (I’ll pm you the link). It’s only hulls so you still have to make damaged and destroyed versions, but I think it’s a nice kickstarter. There were more ships in that mod but 10 is more than enough for start. Just make sure to include the HW2 mod team and a link to their site in the credits when you release your mod. ^^

You’re a good man, Kal. Thanks for helping purpleberry with a first batch of sprites.

These are GREAT, you can never have more then enough ships ^.^ Right now im trying to get the sample frigate into gsb but im having a bit of trouble; still looking at the tutorials :slight_smile:

Thx Archduke Astro. Converting those ships was much easier for me than it would probably be for Purpleberry.

My pleasure man. Good luck with the mod ^^

WoW those graphics look amazing! This looks real promising. I wish you all the luck.

I have the unsc longsword fighter . sabre fighter , spectre drone ready :slight_smile:

Great work. Keep it up :slight_smile: There’s still a couple ships to go ^^

Thanks :slight_smile:

il be posing up pictures (once i know how to do that) lool im a noob :frowning:

weren’t we all at one point? :wink: There’s a button labelled Img at the top of the text box. Paste an url of an image, select it and press the button. It took me a while to figure these forum stuff too :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no i meant taking a screenshot in-game in gsb