[MOD] Halo Mod

I’m interested in making a Halo mod for GSB. I aim to make it as ‘Realistic’ as possible.

I’m pritty new to modding GSB, since I only got it yesterday but I’m willing to try.

I suppose my first question would be, is it possible to make a module fixed to fire in a certain direction? So, for example, you could create a UNSC Frigate and make it so that to fire the MAC Cannon the whole ship has to turn to face the target, rather than the module being an actual turret with 360 degrees rotation.

Also, is it possible to make a weapons module ‘invisible’ so that it doesn’t show up on the actual ship, just like shield and armour modules don’t, yet it can still fire and so on?

I believe clifsskawashishname is working on that, ships which are actualy weapons whit engines that is.

Ok thats not really what I had in mind.

I still want hulls and so on but I just want to make it so that the ship/hull has to physically rotate and ‘bring its weapons to bare’ on a target before it can fire, insted of having modules which can fire in a 360 degree radius.

So that, for example, the ship has to be pointing at its target, just like WWII Fighter planes had to because they had fixed weapons.

same diffirence ?

Not really, considering I want modules that are fixed firing, not a ship which is actually a weapon with engines.

Because for the Longsword Interceptors you’d need 2 chainguns with at most a 90 degrees firing arc and then 2 missile launchers with a fixed arc of fire…

Locate the turretsize line in the module file and change it to 0.0

or go to options and turn off the “Turrets” option. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I’ve made some progress so far. Got Longsword and Frigate into the game. Just balancing their weapons and so on. Still need that option to limit the “Turrets” Field of Fire though…

Heres a screenshot of them both…

Hey Elando!
I’m a halo modder myself (Halo: Sins of the Prophets for Sins of a Solar Empire) and I stumbled across this game and then your mod. Any more news of it? I can help you out if needed.

Here’s 2 covenant ships I whipped up in 30 min according to the tutorial I found. Its the assault carrier and the CCS.

Can you or someone test them for me as I don’t have the game yet? Here’s the download:


I downloaded the demo while I wait for the actual game, and I put in the new ships.
I don’t understand how bitmaps work yet, but it’s a start:

remember to put the mod on moddb. it looks good so far.

Well, unless Elando or someone interested shows up soon, this mod will die young. I can pitch in occasionally but I have to devote most of my time to http://www.moddb.com/mods/halo-sins-of-the-prophets

Some more pics while we’re waiting though:

Remember that these are extremely WIP and I’m just messing around with GSB modding right now.

So I thought I’d try my hand at modding GSB too and and thought why not just make some covenant ships, like these other guys? I’m a halo fan, why not? CanadaMan took out the hard work of editing the images in photoshop/gimp and I tried my hand at making the assault carrier and the CCS in GSB.

The two turret points are a bit off but I’ve given up trying to get them right, just too frustrating. I may try again later.

Besides the turret that is a tad too far to the right, I got this ship how I wanted it to be.

And now some action shots.

If I knew how to make them work properly, these ships would have shiny blinky lights on them, but alas, I do not have such knowledge. Seriously if anyone could explain to me which numbers are what in the .txt file and how to properly set up the lights it would be greatly appreciated. And if I knew how edit how the ships explode, they wouldn’t awkwardly split in half when blown up, if anyone can explain to me how to do that it would also be greatly appreciated.

Also, hello I’m new, etc.

Nice job getting hardpoints on those ships plasmafrag. The scale and demensions on the ships themselves are definitely off though. Any idea what happened with that?

I didn’t really have a sense of scale when I was making these, I just wanted to get them in the game and get the hardpoints right. What would you use as a reference for the scales of these ships? I’m going to try and get them more accurate to the games/books.


With a google search for a picture of the scale and a quick edit of the .txt later, I now have my updated cruiser. It’s smaller, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s not small enough. I’m either going to have to make it smaller yet again, or make the assault cruiser bigger. Anyways, you guys can help me decide.

In the background you can see a very very very WIP Halcyon Cruiser being shot at. I’ll work on that once I’ve gotten this ship sorted out.

Another shot to give a sense of scale in game, with the assault carrier’s nose sticking in.

Thinking about it, Assault Carriers are really massive ships, even compared to GSB’s biggest ships. It wouldn’t be that bad to increase the size of it, I don’t think. Hmm…

Sigh, a week ago I lost everything on my computer, so I’ll have to start again with the mod sadly but not too much was done, just the frigate, longsword and archer missiles.

I’ll start modding again soon, wouldn’t want it to die like quite a few Halo mods.

One problem is that there is a substancial difference in size between the different ships. An Assault Carrier is over 5,000 kilometers long, being the longest ship in the Covenant fleet. Another thing would be somehow balancing the sides, Covenant plasma completely owns any UNSC ships in seconds but then, MACs do too, but they fire at a substancially slower rate.

Another thing is that Covenant ships have shields which are basically inpenetrable except for MACs and nukes.

It’d be interesting to get a defence of Earth and Reach kind of senario set up, get some SMAC platforms and such set up, somehow impliment boarding parties, it’d be pritty epic.

lol yeah

i think in this case you should just make the weapons so they fit in the game style, making the ships basically 2-hitting eachother would not look good in the game

personally i prefer long battles,so i`d be happiest if a cruiser duel took 10-15 minutes, but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Make a Halo ring and stuff it with 1-hit weapons that take forever to fire. Then not only are you battling for superiority but you gotta destroy that ring!!! It can be tinted darker to illustrate distance cause it’d be so darn huge.

i will help just have to get better at it and the UNSC usally has a lot more ships in the battle and mac stations(minus the mac with 360 degree turning) would be easy make a bounus on it that takes away all enine speed
And does anyone know where to get top down views i am having problems with it

Look for Mod’s for Unreal Tournament, Halo CE and Halo 2 for PC. Extract the models and use a model editor to take screen shots from the top view.